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♪ I just want desserts ♪
♪ Some Japanese desserts ♪
♪ And everybody know ♪
♪ I eat it when I sleep ♪
(upbeat music)
- I know very little about Japanese desserts.
- I love desserts.
- Japanese culture tends to be
very detailed in what they do.
- Very detailed.
- So I'm expecting these to be hella pretty.
- So pretty.
- Hella cute.
- Aww. - Oh my gosh.
- This is too frickin' cute.
- [Both] Aww.
- I want the green one.
- Oh, okay.
I wanted this one, so congratulations.
- Can we look at this detailing?
Like they have the seeds in the middle of the flower.
- The texture from the mochi, and inside you get
like that red bean coming in, it's like nice and sweet.
- This is great.
- Very good.
- You know, it just had so much care and so much tradition.
- Yeah, and the color in yours.
- Oh shit.
- Yes.
- These look cool.
- This is the cutest thing I've ever seen.
- This smells kind of savory.
- Right, it's soy sauce-y.
- Yeah, it smells like soy sauce, it's a little bit savory.
- It tastes like pancakes.
- It does taste like pancake.
- Like a really good pancake.
- I don't care for this one as much.
- Wait, this is really good.
- I'm so into this.
It's sweet, but it's also got like this hint
of saltiness, so it balances it all out.
- What's that?
- Oh. - Shit.
- It's flubber.
(both squealing)
- I don't want my human-ness to destroy this artistry.
- This would be a great Boomerang.
- (smacking lips) Oh, it's great.
- It's just the right amount of sweetness.
And it's light, so it's not like
too overwhelming to your palette.
- Yeah, it tastes like wealth.
Like I literally just got like $2.5 million in my bank,
and I'm gonna treat myself to fancy food.
- [Together] Ooh.
- They layers, the detail.
- The bones.
- It looks like a jello cake.
- Aw, it's a bird.
It's a Twitter bird.
- Do you see a bird?
I see a bird.
- I see a bird and a sun.
Woo, I don't know, I hit something and it was delicious.
- It has like a very firm gelatinous feel,
unlike the gelatin.
- But then once you bite into it,
it just softens immediately.
- It breaks apart, yeah.
- The agar part is definitely very gelatin-y.
- Yeah.
- Like imagine a very thick jello.
- I'm just not a jello lady.
- I feel like we're sleeping here
in the U.S. on our dessert game.
- All of these candies were delicious.
- To me, every one was like a different lover.
- I think a lot of times we can get a dessert,
especially with cakes fondant and stuff,
where it looks really cool, but it doesn't
really taste very good.
- Honestly, that dango, I think it changed my life.
- Ooh yes, same.
- It was so good.
♪ And we come ♪
♪ To the end of the Japanese desserts ♪
♪ And I can't let it go ♪
♪ It's unnatural ♪
♪ It's unnatural ♪
♪ It belongs to me ♪
♪ It belongs to me ♪
♪ I belong to it ♪
- [Woman in green] Me, me says, they belong to me.
- [Woman in red] They belong to me.


アメリカ人が日本のインスタ映えスイーツを初体験! (Americans Try Instagram Worthy Japanese Desserts)

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