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Yeah, that was a real thing that happened is Anna came to the show, and then Anna was basically like backstage.
She's like, hey, I'm not here for The Daily Show, for like this part, I just wanna do the between the scenes with you.
Well, 'cause I loved the between the scenes.
And I appreciate that.
I appreciate, it's completely more relaxed.
It super sounds like you don't appreciate it.
I completely appreciate it.
What happened afterwards.
He was like I appreciate it when it was my (beep) thing.
No, it is our thing and it is I don't mind that.
Let me explain what happened.
So then Anna says to me backstage, hey, I wanna do between the scenes.
And I'm like what do you mean, like do, it's not a thing.
She's like yeah, I'm gonna come do the nothing with you.
And then I'm like yeah, but it's not, like I don't even like plan, I'm just gonna talk.
She's like then I will come and just not plan and talk with you.
Then we did it.
Then the thing blows up online.
Then it's like huge and then millions of people are like, oh my god, I loved Anna Kendrick and you on between the scenes.
Now, they're saying it like it's a movie that we starred in together.
Now, it's like a thing.
It's like, you know. So then, I was like oh, that's great.
And I loved that, and I was eternally grateful.
But then, people would come to the show, random people, and then they would just be like...
Can I also do a super off-the-cuff totally relaxed thing but make it super controlled and
I'm gonna be kind of really performing throughout it
and going that's an excellent point.
Things like that?
And then now what you have created is:
I let one person in the door, and now everybody wants to come in the door.
- Sorry. - And this wasn't a thing.
And it's not authentic like me.
It's not just so (beep) cool like me.
Yo, yo let me ask you.
Let me ask you a question you got a pair of sneakers as a gift from
[Both] Desus and Mero.
And then I saw on your Instagram like, you caused like a storm in like the sneakerhead community.
- I know. - 'Cause they gave you like--
- I know.
They gave you like a dope pair of Jordans.
- [Anna] Yeah, it was great.
And then you took a picture, and in the Instagram post you're like, you're bending, you know when you crease the shoe.
Don't do that!
Don't do that.
I will fight every one of you.
And yeah, that's what the reaction was online.
People were like (screaming).
It was like the creases. The creases!
And she was like thanks for the shoes, guys.
And they're like just like creasing them.
Thanks for the shoes!
- But then. - Did you do it on purpose?
What was great was Desus and Mero were both like who fucking cares, dude.
Yes, but the people.
And also, I'll buy another pair.
No, the people were like no, it's not even about the
it's about like what happens to the shoe itself.
It's the crease, the feeling that people have.
I'm not a sneakerhead, but I understand it.
Like when I'm around sneakerheads, I walk like this.
I'm serious.
Like they are, they're like adamant about not creasing that part.
That's the only thing I wanted to know was if you did it on purpose.
That, it's, I didn't do it on purpose, but I did encourage it because I was like this is amazing and fascinating.
So you didn't mind the sneaker backlash.
Well, 'cause it's, I mean, that's no way to live your life.
It's like not taking the toys out of the box.
And there are many people who don't
- take the toys out of the box. - There are many people who don't take the toys out of the box.
They just don't take the toys out of the box.
You seem more invested in this for somebody who's not a sneakerhead.
I feel like you want to publicly shame me.
Not at all, not at all.
No, I'm always invested in outrage.
I love outrage online.
That's what I'm invested, any outrage online, I'm like, (menacing laugh).
What did you do?
'Cause I love it, I love online outrages.
It's true.
You know why?
Oh, when the make-up YouTubers were going at each other's throats.
And I was like, I don't know who any of you are, but I got so invested.
Here's what I love about outrage is that its levels are never like they never correlate to what actually happened.
So the outrage is just like Anna Kendrick!
Do you get what I'm saying?
And it would be the same as like war criminal!
And you don't know
and so like when you click,
you don't now what you're gonna get,
you're just like what did Anna Kendrick do?
Did she bomb a small village?
No, no, she creased her sneakers.
Yeah, but next time.
(upbeat music)


Between the Scenes: Guest Edition - Anna Kendrick | The Daily Show

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