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One day when Victoria was tearing down an old shed in her backyard,
inspiration struck.
I love my dogs more than anything.
Naturally, it was the perfect spot for them to have a two-story puppy palace
with a balcony and a pool.
Victoria had a special collaborator on this project.
It was a great project for my father and I to do.
He was instrumental in building a top floor in the house that was actually
structurally sound enough for me to sit up there.
So whether they're paying the bills or just listening to tunes,
The Fuzz, Marvin and Bruiser each have their own personal favorite spot.
The Fuzz is really into the balcony.
Bruiser's favorite place to be is the second floor.
Marvin really likes the fur rug that's right there in the entryway.
They love it!
This is my 4-year-old Chihuahua Poncho,
and this is Poncho's house.
Poncho gets a little nervous and snippy when a lot of people are over.
And when I built this house, I felt that it might be a good idea to have a
place rather than a dog crate.
So I asked my carpenters to build this for me.
Poncho can enter his Harry Potter-style abode through his own private entrance,
and it's filled with his trademark style.
I found a little brass bed.
I thought that would be cute to have a little bed for my dog that was a little
fancier than usual.
And then I found a little chest of drawers
and then a little piano
and a small oil painting at another yard sale.
So Poncho ended up with quite a room.
He thinks he deserves it all,
so I guess it's OK.
Go get your toy. And now Poncho's room is all set for Halloween.
We've seen a backyard mansion and a private room under the stairs,
but these bulldogs, Eggnog and Igloo,
might take the cake. Their private palace is under their parents' bed.
There's a ramp for easy access to cuddles.
A secret storage compartment for very important items.
And a built-in faucet for a convenient late night drink.
This house is easy to maintain
and perfect for when you need a little "me" time,
or you want to party the night away.
Or you just want to spread a little holiday cheer.
This guy loves his beagles,
so he wanted to build a playhouse that was the perfect fit for them.
And of course, they wanted to help.
He designed a beagle-sized sandbox
and a ramp that they could climb to look out over the whole backyard.
And all throughout, the dogs were super helpful.
He wanted the house to pay tribute to his beloved pups.
Now they can cool off
and hang out in style.


Take a Tour of The Most Luxurious Dog Houses Ever | The Dodo

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