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  • In 2015, December 22 will mark the exact mid-point of winter in the Northern Hemispherethe shortest day and longest night of the year.

    2015 年 12 月 12日は、北半球で「真冬」にあたる日です。1 年の内で、昼の時間が最も短く、夜の時間が最も長くなる日です。

  • This is the Winter Solstice, and for many, conjures images of pine trees, decorated wreaths, and burning Yule logs.


  • But while that may sound like Christmas, as a matter of fact, nearly all Christmas traditions are borrowed from other celebrations.


  • Different cultures have been celebrating the solstice for over 5,000 years.

    冬至は 5000 年以上にわたり、様々な文化で祝福されてきました。

  • So why do Holidays fall around the Winter Solstice?


  • Well, the term solstice literally means "sun stands still."


  • As far back as 3,000 BC, Neolithic people erected sculptures and architecture to frame this type of solar alignment.

    紀元前 3000 年まで遡ると、新石器時代の人々は、太陽がこのような位置に来ると、彫刻や建築物を建てていました。

  • Scholars believe that these solstice sculptures had a religious significance, and that sites in Europe like Newgrange and Stonehenge were meant for worship.


  • We also know that the Romans famously celebrated an occasion they called Saturnalia, which marked the mid-point of winter with a debaucherous seven day festival.

    古代ローマの人々が、冬至をサートゥルナーリアと呼んで祝福していたことは有名ですよね。これは、冬の中間地点を、7 日間のどんちゃん騒ぎで祝っていたものです。

  • In Iran, the festival of Yalda also takes place on the solstice, and dates back to the pre-Islamic religion of Zoroastrianism, which itself dates back to around 600 BC.

    イランでは、冬至に合わせてヤルダーというお祭りが行われます。これは、イスラム教出現以前のゾロアスター教の頃まで遡って、紀元前 600 年頃から祝福されています。

  • Like Christmas, Yalda celebrates the birth of Mithra.


  • In fact, the word Yalda means "birth."


  • Many winter solstice festivals are focused on the idea of birth or rebirth.


  • Some have suggested that these celebrations also served the purpose of keeping a large group of people awake on the darkest, and arguably, most dangerous night of the year.

    これらの祝祭は、1 年で最も暗い夜、すなわち1年で最も危険な夜に、多くの人を眠らせずにおくという目的のためでもあった、と考える人もいます。

  • Within the Buddhist tradition, the solstice is a day of celebrating the daughter of a pre-Christian Indian Emperor.


  • The festival, known as "Sanghamitta Day" is considered a major holiday for modern Buddhists.


  • And in Chinese and other East Asian cultures, the solstice is one of the most important celebrations, called the Donghzi Festival.

    中国や他の東アジアの文化では、冬至は「冬至祭」という、最重要な祝祭の 1 つです。

  • So where do our Christmas traditions come from?


  • Well, historical records show that the Germanic peoples of Northern Europe also celebrated the winter solstice in a form called Yule.


  • The Christmas tree, pine wreath, and Yule log all derive from the pagan Yule festival, all predating the Christian symbols of the winter solstice.


  • But as Christianity grew from a cult into a mass religion, pagan traditions were adapted to make the burgeoning movement seem more familiar to early Christian converts.


  • Despite Christmas' stranglehold on winter solstice holidays, it is actually one of many ongoing holidays.

    冬至という日は、クリスマスに圧倒されてはいますが、実は、数多くある祝日の 1 つなのです。

  • Like other portions of the Christian religion, the basics are mostly borrowed from long standing traditions.


  • So this holiday season, instead of saying "Merry Christmas," why not wish everyone a "Super Saturnalia"?


  • Many pagan traditions revolve around nature, but the umbrella of pagan religions is more diverse than you'd think.


  • Learn more about their beliefs in our video right here.


  • Then modern times, the neo pagant movement has become associated with Wicca, or pagan witchcraft, which was invented by an English man in the mid 20th century.

    現代においては、復興異教主義の運動が、ウィッカという異教の魔術と関連づけられています。ウィッカというのは、20 世紀中頃、イギリスのある男性によって考案され、

  • It was based on the idea that witches are not followers of satan, as had been believed, but rather followers of a pre-Christian religion. followers were pre-christian religion.

    それまでの考え方とは異なり、 「魔女は悪魔の従者ではなく、キリスト教以前の宗教を信仰していた者だった」という概念に基づいたものでした。

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In 2015, December 22 will mark the exact mid-point of winter in the Northern Hemispherethe shortest day and longest night of the year.

2015 年 12 月 12日は、北半球で「真冬」にあたる日です。1 年の内で、昼の時間が最も短く、夜の時間が最も長くなる日です。

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