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Hi guys!
This December we visited a ton of different Christmas markets all around Europe.
And while I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one, it was clear to me that some markets excelled in different areas.
So I thought, now that I've been to so many, it would be fun to create different categories and have a bit of a Christmas market awards show.
So I'm going to tell you what I thought was best and, at the end of the video, I'll give an award for the best overall Christmas market in Europe.
So here are the categories.
Best Food.
Friendliest People.
Most Magical Atmosphere.
Best Christmas Tree.
Most Fun.
And Most Choice.
The best food was at the Budapest Christmas Fair at Vörösmarty Square.
The other Christmas markets you'd find a lot of the same types of food over and over again, but in Budapest you really were spoiled for choice, and the flavors just popped in your mouth.
And when I think of the best food I tried at any Christmas market in Europe, it has to be Budapest.
The awards for friendliest people goes to Bratislava, Slovakia to the Christmas market in the central square.
I talked to people in different booths, I had a lot of different questions about what I should try, and I found people really helpful and just friendly overall.
And after that evening I was left with this warm feeling after having met so many lovely people.
Next up, the award for most magical atmosphere.
This goes to Vienna to the Christmas market in front of the City Hall.
I just felt like a little kid is the best way to describe it.
It felt like I had walked in to some magical Christmas fairytale.
Christmas, of course, means Christmas trees.
The best Christmas tree I found in Europe was in Prague at the Old Town Square.
From the size, which is twenty-five meters, to the decorations that look like falling icicles, to the story of how it's sustainably sourced, this Christmas tree really just had it all.
At any Christmas market you want to have fun and the award for most fun goes to Wrocław, Poland.
It felt like a carnival.
They had rides and games, larger than life decorations.
People in Poland just know how to have a great time celebrating Christmas.
The most choice award goes to the entire city of Berlin.
And I realized when I was trying to figure out the categories that I had been to so many Christmas markets in the city of Berlin that that actually should be the award because there are so many different markets.
There's one to suit every taste, whatever you are interested in doing.
If you want a nice dining experience then Gendarmenmarkt is perfect.
On the other hand, the Scandinavian market is amazing for trying lots of different food and drinks because they have booths and stalls from all over the Scandinavian countries.
I also loved the Historic Christmas Market because it felt totally unique.
They kind of shun electricity.
It has a Medieval feeling.
You find axe-throwing and fortune-tellers, and it felt like nowhere else I had been before.
So there's definitely something for everyone in Berlin.
Taking all of these things into consideration, I have to award best overall market or experience to Vienna, Austria.
When it comes to Christmas, for me it's all about magic that intangible kind of feeling that you get at Christmas time.
And, for me, I found that the most at the Christmas market in Vienna in front of that gorgeous City Hall that was all lit up.
Just the lights everywhere, the skating rink that wasn't just a rink but a track that wound its way through the trees that were all lit up like some forest in Narnia.
The smells that you were greeted with as you walked through the stalls.
The steaming mugs of glühwein that people were carrying around.
It was all very unexpected and I just… I felt so happy being there.
At the end of the day, any place that makes you feel like a kid at Christmas - that has to be the clear winner.
I hope that you guys enjoyed this little Christmas market awards show.
I can't believe how many markets we went to this December, honestly.
I just feel like the luckiest person in the world and I can't imagine a better way to have spent the lead up to Christmastime.
I hope that you guys have enjoyed this whole Vlogmas series.
Let me know what you thought.
Leave a comment down below.
Tell me what you thought of these Christmas categories.
Tell me what you would have awarded.
If you like this video, don't forget to like it and share it.
Subscribe to my channel if you haven't already for lots more videos.
And I'll see you in my next one.



一度は行ってみたい!ヨーロッパ屈指のクリスマスマーケット(Best Christmas Markets In Europe)

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