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  • Welcome back to English In A Minute.

  • I'm James and today we're going to talk about a word

  • with lots of different uses: can.

  • I can play the guitar.

  • This is the first way that we can use 'can'

  • to talk about ability.

  • For example:

  • I can speak Spanish, but I can't fly.

  • Let's look at another use of 'can'.

  • Can I open the window, Elly?

  • Elly: No, you can't! It's too cold!

  • James: Oh, OK!

  • In this example, 'can' is used to ask for or give

  • permission to do something.

  • Can I go for lunch, Elly?

  • Elly: Yes, of course you can, James!

  • James: Oh, thank you!

  • Learning a language can be difficult.

  • In this final example,

  • 'can' is used to talk about possibility.

  • Elly take a jacket. It can get cold at night!

  • Elly: OK! Thanks, James!

  • James: This means that sometimes it is cold,

  • but sometimes it isn't.

  • So there we have it.

  • 'Can' can be used for ability, permission and possibility.

  • Now you, can use 'can' too.

  • See you next time!

Welcome back to English In A Minute.


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can」の3つの使い方 - English In A Minute (3 uses of 'can' - English In A Minute)

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