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  • TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world.

    TikTok は、世界で最も人気のあるアプリの一つです。

  • It's been downloaded over a billion times in the two years that it's been around.


  • And it has produced countless memes.


  • Even Mark Zuckerberg sees TikTok as a threat.

    マーク・ザッカーバーグでさえ、TikTok を脅威と見なしています。

  • But its rise hasn't been seamless.


  • US senators have criticized TikTok for censorship, privacy, and child safety.

    米上院議員が TikTok の検閲、プライバシー、子供の安全性を批判しています。

  • So, what's going on with TikTok?

    さて、TikTok はどうなってるのでしょうか?

  • TikTok has a bit of a complicated history.

    TikTok はちょっと複雑な歴史を持っています。

  • It's owned by a parent company called ByteDance, which is from China.

    中国の ByteDance という親会社が所有しています。

  • ByteDance is one of the most valuable startups in the world; it's thought to be a worth about $75 billion, which is massive.

    ByteDance は、世界で最も価値のあるスタートアップの一つです。約750億ドルの価値があると考えられており、これは巨額です。

  • There are definitely concerns in the US about TikTok being a Chinese app that has become hugely popular in America.

    アメリカでは、TikTok が中国のアプリでありながら、アメリカで大人気になっていることに対する懸念があるのは確かです。

  • And, frankly, that's probably a mix of Americans being worried that their own homegrown companies, like Facebook, Google, etc., being outdone by a Chinese firm.

    そして、率直に言って、それはおそらくアメリカ人が、Facebook や Google などのような自国の企業が中国企業に負けていることを心配していることのミックスでしょう。

  • But secondarily, you know, this... this concern feeds into the wider backdrop of, uh, the US-China trade war.


  • TikTok lets users easily share short, funny clips.

    TikTok は、ユーザーが簡単に短くて面白いクリップを共有することができます。

  • That means things can go viral quickly, and that virality has helped TikTok grow.

    つまり、物事はすぐにバイラルになることができ、そのバイラル性が TikTok の成長を助けているのです。

  • So, TikTok has about one billion monthly active users, which is about the same as Instagram, and TikTok, in terms of downloads, is absolutely besting the competition; it's beaten Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook.

    つまり、TikTok の月間アクティブユーザー数は約10億人で、これは Instagram と同じくらいで、ダウンロード数の面では TikTok が絶対的に優位に立っているということです。インスタグラム、スナップチャット、フェイスブックに勝っています。

  • That's not to say in total TikTok is more popular than these apps; it's to say that it's growing really quickly.

    それは、TikTok がこれらのアプリよりも全体的に人気があるということを表しているではなく、本当に急成長しているということを表しています。

  • Part of the reason is because TikTok is relatively new; it's only been around properly for one or two years, and, so, there's a kind of natural newness bias there.

    その理由の一部は、TikTok が比較的新しいです。まだ1~2年しか経っていないので、自然と新しさにバイアスがかかっています。

  • You know, the billions of people who were already going to download Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, they'll have probably already downloaded those apps.

    インスタグラムや WhatsApp、フェイスブックをダウンロードしようとしていた数十億の人たちは、おそらくすでにそれらのアプリをダウンロードしているでしょう。

  • Whereas TikTok, being new, the number of, sort of, growing installs we're seeing is about people downloading that app for the first time.

    一方、TikTok は新しいアプリなので、インストール数が増えているのは、初めてそのアプリをダウンロードした人たちのためです。

  • It's all about these short video clips, most of which are kind of snappy and funny and involve someone kind of dancing and lip-syncing to music.


  • These things go viral really quickly, and it's also really easy to share what you've made on TikTok to other platforms.

    これらのものはすぐに流行りますし、TikTok で作ったものを他のプラットフォームにシェアするのもとても簡単です。

  • TikTok is sort of a natural successor to the once-popular Vine.

    TikTok は、かつて人気のあった Vine の自然な後継者のようなものです。

  • But there's a lot that sets TikTok apart from its current competition.

    しかし、TikTok を現在の競争相手とは一線を画すものがたくさんあります。

  • One of the big criticisms of, let's say, Instagram, is that everything feels very artificial on Instagram.


  • It's not really an app about spontaneity or about posting spontaneously.


  • You know, it makes people feel kind of pressured to... to post the perfect picture, by extension, show that they're... they're living the perfect life.


  • Where TikTok comes in, is it's a much more spontaneous, instantaneous, it's all about short clips, it's all about kind of goofing around.

    TikTok の特徴は、もっと自然発生的で、瞬間的な、短いクリップで、ふざけているような感じです。

  • It's not about looking great or perfect.


  • This is why it's so popular; people feel that they can just post immediately and they don't have to think too hard about the content.


  • I'm sure many of the more popular TikTok-ers do think very hard about what they post, but it feels much more instant than Instagram.

    人気のある TikToker の方は、投稿する内容を一生懸命考えている方が多いと思いますが、Instagramよりもはるかにインスタントな感じがします。

  • It's pretty clear just from who's posting on TikTok that the user base is younger than your average, certainly younger than the kinds of people who use Facebook.

    TikTokに投稿している人を見れば、ユーザー層が平均より若いことは明らかで、Facebook を使っているような人たちよりも確実に若いのです。

  • Probably younger than the 20- to 30-year-olds who are using Instagram.


  • Having so many young users is a clear sign of TikTok's popularity.

    これだけ多くの若いユーザーがいるということは、TikTok の人気の高さを物語っています。

  • But it's also gotten TikTok into trouble.

    しかし、それは TikTok をトラブルに巻き込んでしまいました。

  • In February, the company had to pay a 5.7-million-dollar fine after the Federal Trade Commission accused of violating US child-privacy laws.

    同社は2月、米連邦取引委員会が が米国の子供のプライバシー保護法に違反していると告発したため、570万ドルの罰金を支払わなければなりませんでした。

  • TikTok now requires users to verify their age in the app, although the age of TikTok's users isn't the only concern people have.

    TikTok のユーザーの年齢だけが懸念されているわけではありませんが、TikTok は現在、ユーザーにアプリ内での年齢確認を要求しています。

  • There are definitely concerns in the US about TikTok being a Chinese app.

    アメリカでは TikTok が中国のアプリであることに懸念があるのは間違いありません。

  • And TikTok itself isn't really a Chinese app, per se; it was born out of an acquisition called, which was popular in the US and the West.

    TikTok 自体は中国のアプリではなく、欧米で人気のあった を買収して誕生したものです。

  • And ByteDance actually bought that, uh, in 2017 and re-skinned that to become what we now know as TikTok.

    そして ByteDance は2017年にそれを購入し、今では TikTok として知られるようになりました。

  • But there's actually a sort of separate version of TikTok that is available inside China, but that's called Douyin, and that's slightly different.

    しかし、実際には中国国内で利用できる TikTok の別バージョンのようなものがありますが、それは Douyin と呼ばれていて、少し違います。

  • Recently, Republican Senater Marco Rubio called for a committee investigation into TikTok over whether it should ever have been allowed to buy, which is not a Chinese company, and then, sort of, turn it into TikTok.

    最近では、共和党のマルコ・ルビオ上院議員が、中国企業ではない を買収して TikTok にすることが許されるべきだったかどうかを巡って、TikTok について委員会の調査を求めています。

  • Whether that investigation actually happens, I think, remains to be seen, and is, sort of, dependent on the US political environment.


  • Something to remember is that there's a much larger culture of fear, especially in the US, about China and Chinese companies.


  • There's still some criticism that TikTok, being owned by a Chinese company, might succumb to some pressure by the Chinese government.

    中国企業が所有する TikTok は中国政府の圧力に屈するのではないかとの批判もあります。

  • Either to hand over data on its users to the Chinese government or to, kind of, censor topics that, you know, would be fine in the West and in Europe, but not ,sort of, okay inside China.


  • We're not actually really conclusively sure that China does have an influence.


  • Recently, "The Guardian" got hold of some moderation guidelines that show that, certainly, the parent company, ByteDance, was thinking about, um, you know, censoring videos that might be... that might cause offense to the Chinese government and other regimes.


  • It wasn't just talking about moderating content offensive to China; it was talking about generally political content, too.


  • So we do know that there are some thoughts, uh, inside the company about censorship.


  • But what we don't really know is, you know, practically how this filters through.


  • There isn't an awful lot of proof that, uh, TikTok does take guidance from China in terms of what users can and can't post.

    ユーザーが投稿できること、できないことという点で、TikTok が中国から指導を受けているという証拠はあまりありません。

  • So far, the company has been quite good about explaining to journalists, uh, or at least giving statements to journalists, about how it works.


  • But it's definitely gonna continue batting off those concerns.


  • There's really no easy answer to how TikTok can balance free speech with Chinese censorship.

    TikTok がどうやって言論の自由と中国の検閲を両立させるのか、本当に簡単な答えはありません。

  • It's gonna have to make calls on a case-by-case basis; it's probably gonna have to be really transparent about how and why it makes decisions.


  • But overall, other companies are really struggling with, uh... the... you know, appeasing China and... and maintaining the balance with free speech, including American companies.


  • So, Apple has run into issues over, um, banning an app related to the Hong Kong protests, and there's criticism that Apple has really kowtowed to China over that decision.

    そのため、Apple は香港の抗議活動に関連したアプリを禁止することで問題になっており、その決定をめぐって中国に屈服したとの批判が出ています。

  • And, so, you know, even American companies are really struggling with, uh, keeping Chinese consumers and China's government happy while, you know, maintaining that balance with free speech.


  • Despite its rapid growth, TikTok hasn't developed a strong source of revenue.

    急成長しているにもかかわらず、TikTok は強力な収益源を開発していない。

  • TikTok has a lot of venture-capital backing, but it will have to generate a profit eventually, which could mean ads or pay-walled features.

    TikTok は多くのベンチャーキャピタルの支援を受けていますが、最終的には利益を上げなければならないでしょう。

  • But if TikTok wants to continue growing at its current rate, it's going to have to find a way to gain the public's trust outside of China.

    しかし、TikTok が現在のペースで成長を続けたいのであれば、中国以外の国で国民の信頼を得る方法を見つけなければならないでしょう。

TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world.

TikTok は、世界で最も人気のあるアプリの一つです。

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