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  • Have you ever tried creating the habit of waking up early on a regular basis?


  • Because this is something that I've struggled with in my own life.


  • But recently, I've figured out the formula to getting up early, and it's not some little trick like put the alarm away from your bed, or have a cold shower in the morning.


  • This is something that will actually make the habit stick.


  • And I'm gonna tell you what it is by sharing with you the story on how I figured all of this out.


  • So one day I'm browsing YouTube, and a video gets recommended to me called "The 10 Benefits to Waking Up Early."

    ある日、YouTube を見ていたときのことです。「早起きで得られる 10 のメリット」というおすすめ動画が目に入りました。

  • And I click it, and I find out that getting up early can do all these amazing things.


  • It can help me lose weight.


  • It can make me more muscular, and even make me more money.


  • And basically, it just turns me into this incredible human being.


  • So I set a goal to wake up early every single day for the next 30 days because I desperately wanted all of these benefits.


  • So for the next seven days, I woke up at 5:30 AM every single day, and obviously I was really tired.

    最初の 1 週間は、毎日朝 5 時半に起床しました。すると、言うまでもなく、どっと疲れてしまいました。

  • And I was in college at that time, so I tried doing all of my schoolwork at first, but I didn't really get that much done.


  • I found that my brain was not able to focus that intensely that early in the morning.


  • Plus, I just hated doing schoolwork in general.


  • So for the second week, I tried going to the gym.

    ということで、2 週目はジムに行くことにしたんです。

  • But when I got there, I didn't really feel that good.


  • And I didn't feel as strong as I normally was when I went in the afternoon.


  • So that didn't work out either.


  • By this point, I'm thinking to myself that...


  • You know what?


  • This whole waking up early thing isn't working for me, and I actually stopped.


  • And I think it's at this point when most people stop!


  • And then we go to the internet and these quote, unquote driven people will tell us that we simply lack motivation, or we lack self-discipline, and that's the reason why we can't do it.


  • But for me personally, I don't think this is true.


  • I don't think we lack any of those qualities.


  • I think the reason why we can't do it is because we simply don't have the right mindset.


  • And I'm gonna share with you the correct mindset right now.


  • So fast forward a couple of years, and now I'm graduated.

    時は先ほどの挑戦から 2 年後。私は大学を卒業しました。

  • And I'm making money online, so I could actually make my own schedule.


  • So I decided to revisit this whole waking up early thing, but this time, I did something different.


  • Instead of doing something that I didn't like, like homework or whatever, I did something that I actually enjoyed, which for me was meditating, reading, and working on my own business.


  • I found that reading a good business book or a inspirational book really ignited my brain, and it made me really want to be productive for the day.

    すると、ビジネスに関するものや、感動的な内容の本を読むことで、脳が活性化し、その日 1 日を有効に使いたいと心底感じるようになるということがわかったのです。

  • This feeling was something that I could look forward to every single morning.


  • But there was still times where I wasn't motivated.


  • And although I really like all that, it still wasn't enough for me to get up in the morning.


  • There are some mornings where I'll actually go on Netflix, and I will watch a show called Extraordinary Homes.

    ネットフリックスで『The World's Most Extraordinary Homes』という番組を見る朝もありました。

  • And on this show, they basically just show you these really expensive houses.


  • And the reason why I did this was because there was something about seeing all these amazing mansions, and seeing all these beautiful European landscapes in places like Spain, Portugal, and Switzerland that it reminded me of what was possible if I worked hard enough.


  • This mindset and this reminder really gave me a reason to wake up every single morning.


  • It gave me my why.


  • So, this is what I would recommend...


  • In the morning, try and do something that you actually enjoy, or more importantly, something that can be classified as me time.


  • And ideally, it should be something that moves you forward in your life.


  • You probably don't wanna be watching Friends or something.


  • But it doesn't have to be something really big.


  • It could simply be just going for a walk in the morning, or it could be cleaning your apartment.


  • It almost could be anything!


  • But it is something that you have to figure out for yourself, and you have to understand why you are doing it.


  • And if you really have no idea what you wanna do, then I would recommend starting a new hobby, or even a small business.


  • But the key thing here is to reshape the way you look at waking up in the morning.


  • Don't view it as this awful thing that is going to require a bunch of motivation and self-discipline like most of the internet tells you.


  • View it as an opportunity to have some enjoyable me time, or an opportunity to pursue your dreams.


  • However, before you actually consider waking up early, there are two major things that you need to understand.

    ただ、早起きを実行するか検討する前に、理解しておくべき重要事項が 2 つあります。

  • First of all, you should never sacrifice sleep just to wake up early.

    1 つ目は、早起きをするために睡眠を犠牲にすることは決してしないこと。

  • Sleep deprivation can cause you to gain weight, have a worse memory, and be less creative.


  • So regardless of what time you are getting up, be sure you are getting the right amount of sleep, which typically is between eight and nine hours.

    起きる時間に関係なく、十分な睡眠時間を確保してください。一般的には 8, 9 時間ほどでしょう。

  • And secondly, just because you see all these YouTubers going on and on about the benefits of waking up early, it still may not be right for you.

    2 つ目は、ユーチューバーたちが早起きのメリットについてあれこれ言っているのを見たからといって、自分にとってもメリットがあるとは限りません。

  • Because there are some people who just function better at night, or they're more creative at night.


  • Take me, for example.


  • Since I've started this YouTube channel, I've noticed that I get a lot of creative ideas in the evening, and I find myself writing in the evening.

    この YouTube チャンネルを始めてから、夕方以降の方が良いアイデアがたくさん生まれるし、執筆作業もその時間帯にしているということに気づきました。

  • Literally, right now, it's 9:22 p.m. and I'm writing.

    実際、現在午後 9 時 22 分。執筆中です。

  • And I'm doing that because I'm inspired to write.


  • And it would be stupid of me to stop now, then wake up early tomorrow morning and then just be uninspired and not creative.


  • So become self-aware and see what works for you.


  • Check out my last video about the real secret to creating limitless motivation.


  • It's by far my favorite video that I've made on the channel, and I'll see you there.


Have you ever tried creating the habit of waking up early on a regular basis?


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