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- WWE Championship.
- [Narrator] When The Rock won the WWE Championship in 2013,
he wanted a custom belt.
This video is about the guy who made that belt.
This is Dave Millican.
The industry leader in championship belt making.
He's also a huge wrestling fan.
- Yep, that sounds about right.
- [Narrator] He's been in the business for awhile,
since he was a little kid.
- I was 13 when I made my first belt, and it was really bad.
- [Narrator] The guy who made belts before David,
was this guy.
- [Dave] Reggie Parks, taking me under his wing,
had everything to do with my development.
Even my initial respect in this business from the veterans.
Everybody knew Reggie Parks, nobody knew Dave Millican.
- [Narrator] And here's how they're made:
- [Dave] Step one, artwork.
Step two, etching.
Step three would be the bolt work.
Step four, plating.
And then from there, you pretty much have a complete belt.
Although some have paint, some don't have paint.
It varies from design to design.
- [Narrator] Each belt is unique in it's own way.
- I've actually been asked how many belts I've made
by now we're in the thousands.
- [Narrator] Believe it or not,
the WWE isn't his biggest client right now.
- [Dave] Somebody that orders just as many belts
is Lip Sync Battle Television.
- [Narrator] But we're here for wrestling nostalgia.
Countless stars ranging from Stone Cold to John Cena himself
have worn Dave's belts.
It's certainly a labor of love,
as some of these belts can take up to a year to finish.
Which begs the question,
which one is his favorite?
- Asking me my favorite belt
is like asking me to pick my favorite kid.
- [Narrator] That would be a lot of kids
to have to choose from.


The Godfather of Champion Belts

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