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  • So in China, there are basically two big sales weeks.

    中国では要するに、2 大セール週間があります。

  • You have 11/11 and you have 6/18.

    11/11 と、6/18 です。

  • These are sort of made-up holidays that have turned into these absolutely massive online sales extravaganzas.


  • They've really been built as, "this is your day as a consumer to buy something for yourself that makes you happy."


  • Some brands are taking it to the next level, right?

    中には、さらに 1 レベル上を行っているブランドもあります。

  • There are different levels of how you can engage with gifting product.


  • And all the way to the other extreme, is you're actually collaborating to create products.


  • They have a lot of parties related to what the brands are doing.


  • They do a lot of cross-collaborations during the sales weeks.


  • They have these fashion shows where they have a catwalk, and you can actually buy the clothing that the models are wearing on the catwalk.


  • Or if you're a retailer or a brand using the sales day to introduce new technology.


  • So, if you look at Alibaba, and Jingdong, and some of these other players, they've invested very, very heavily in improving logistics and infrastructure here.


  • China has some of the first automated warehouses.


  • So, the demand is absolutely there for very, very fast delivery.


  • I think the thing with sales days and why they're so successful here is, culturally, consumers like a good deal.


  • They want to feel that the brands are thinking about them, treating them well.


  • This is particularly powerful in a market like China because there's so much data.


  • A new app could have tens of millions, or a hundred million users.


  • So the ability to recommend really relevant content is much easier than it was.


  • There is a little bit of that same frenzy that you get with Christmas shopping.


  • But the biggest shopping days—11/11, 6/18—it's really about you and what you want.

    でも最大のショッピングデー、11/11 と 6/18 は、本当にあなたのためのもので、あなたが欲しいものを買う日なのです。

So in China, there are basically two big sales weeks.

中国では要するに、2 大セール週間があります。

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