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- I'm Trae Basore from Pearl & Ash in New York City.
I'm gonna show you how to make the perfect Hollandaise.
(knife rasps) (music dings)
(music with a steady beat)
We're gonna start with cracking our eggs,
and we're only going to use the yolks.
And we're gonna place it right into our bowl here.
So we have our egg yolks in our bowl,
and then we have a pot with water underneath,
and we're just going to simmer this water.
We're gonna add our lemon juice,
and then what we're doing, this is a double boiler,
this allows us to cook our egg yolks
but to not scramble them.
Usually this'll take anywhere between
three and a half to five minutes
depending on how hot your water is underneath it.
So we're gonna cook it to where we see ribbons,
right where it just starts keeping its shape
when you lift it above.
And this is where we're gonna add our butter.
So we just wanna start with our melted butter and slowly
add it while we're still whisking this egg mixture.
Just a little bit at a time, incorporate it,
and then keep going back.
If you add all of it at once,
then it's easy for what we call the emulsion to break,
and that's when it becomes greasy
and just not a smooth, nice, fluffy sauce.
And we're gonna season it with salt a little bit of pepper.
And then you know you have the perfect consistency
when you put in the spoon and it just pours easily
and that's gonna coat your eggs benedict
or whatever you're having perfectly.
For Playboy.com, I'm Trae Basore.


How to Make the Perfect Hollandaise for Your Eggs Benedict with Trae Basore

103 タグ追加 保存
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