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  • - Three years after leaving Fox News,

  • Megyn Kelly is making her return to the network.

  • The former Fox News host left the network

  • in January of 2017 after public conflicts with

  • her former colleagues Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity.

  • But she's now returning to the network on Wednesday night

  • for a sit down interview on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

  • Carlson announced the news on Monday, saying,

  • "This Wednesday night, two nights from now,

  • "someone who knows an awful lot about NBC is making

  • "her first TV appearance since parting ways from

  • "that channel nearly a year ago.

  • "Megyn Kelly will join us on this program

  • "for her first interview."

  • Carlson hinted that her appearance will be in regards

  • to reporter Ronan Farrow's claims about NBC

  • in his new book Catch and Kill.

  • Kelly parted ways with NBC in January

  • after public outcry over the host's treatment

  • of the topic of blackface during a segment

  • about Halloween costumes on Megyn Kelly Today.

  • According to sources who spoke with

  • The Hollywood Reporter at the time,

  • the agreement between the host and the network

  • means she was paid out the remainder of her

  • three year $69 million contract upon her departure.

  • That being said, this Fox News appearance doesn't mean

  • Kelly will be returning to the network any time soon.

  • A Fox News spokesperson spoke out in a statement, saying,

  • "Megyn Kelly's forthcoming guest appearance

  • "on Tucker Carlson Tonight was coordinated weeks ago

  • "and is a one-time occurrence.

  • "Any future programming changes we are considering

  • "do not involve her."

  • Kelly has previously written about her time at Fox News

  • and with accused sexual harasser

  • and former Fox News Chief Roger Ailes

  • in her book Settle For More.

  • Kelly will be portrayed by Charlize Theron

  • in the upcoming film Bombshell,

  • which depicts Ailes' downfall at the media company.

  • For more on this story head to,

  • and until next time for The Hollywood Reporter News,

  • I'm Neha Joy.

- Three years after leaving Fox News,


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