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  • Kevin, you brought your kids back to Philadelphia.

  • But not for Kevin Hart Day,

  • you brought them back to where you're from.

  • Yes. To teach a lesson! LAUGHTER

  • Was it to impress them? Why did you bring them back?

  • You know, parenting is something that I take pride in.

  • I want to make sure that my kids understand the value of

  • hard work and what the meaning behind it should be.

  • So, you know, I don't want you thinking that what we have

  • in our lifestyle is how it's supposed to be, because it's not.

  • There's a reality behind it,

  • so I'm going to take you to where Dad is from.

  • So, we take a trip, we take a road trip to Philadelphia,

  • and we land and I say,

  • "I'm going to show you where I grew up so you can understand..."

  • You land in your private jet, yep...


  • Life lesson, life lesson!

  • Listen, every lesson has a moment of...

  • ..of disbelief. Just follow me for a second.

  • I'm with you.

  • The lesson didn't start till we got off the plane!

  • Yeah, duh, obvious!

  • We got in the car and start driving through the neighbourhood

  • where I was from. Then that's where the lesson...

  • That's where the lesson... Where are you from?

  • So, we pull up to my place,

  • and I give this long speech, it's like a moment.

  • It's like 7am, I got there when nobody would be there.

  • I'm like, look, I didn't have, OK?

  • This is all we...

  • This is the grass, you see this little thing?

  • This is all the grass we had.

  • I had to sit on the step, I waited for the bus here,

  • I walked two and a half miles to get

  • from here to where I had to go to meet my mum.

  • This was not a situation that you were comfortable in.

  • I get done and my kids are like, "We want to live here!"


  • No! No! No! This place is a piece of shit!

  • I'm trying to show you what we have is nice,

  • but you've got to work for it.

  • "We don't want to go home!"

  • "Let us go upstairs!"

  • I literally had to stop the lesson.

  • I had to cut the trip to Philadelphia short.

  • "Let's just go back home.

  • "I just want to show you books from now on."


Kevin, you brought your kids back to Philadelphia.


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