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Hey everyone!
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(awesome Domics intro)
You guys never come out of an argument thinking: "Man, what was the point of that." You went in
so deep into layers of the debate that you forgot what you were even fighting about. Well, hey, welcome back.
You just returned from a dumb argument. Some arguments are unavoidable
but as long as you both come to some sort of mutual understanding, or gain some valuable knowledge while still maintaining
Respect for each other, then I don't consider it a waste of time. What's that?
You just had a fight over which starter Pokemon is best, huh? You just argued with someone over which celebrity is hotter?
Come again. You're still trying to fight the Android versus Apple war. Come on guys, make better use of your time.
Most people already have their likes and dislikes set in stone, and you probably have nothing to gain by trying to convince them
otherwise. "Hey, did you watch that movie that just came out?" "Oh that movie? Yeah, I enjoyed that movie."
"Well, that movie was garbage and your taste in movies is also garbage. Therefore you. your existence. and everything you love, is garbage...."
"You know what."
"You're right."
"That is exactly the response I was looking for." And there are no better candidates for dumb arguments than bickering couples.
Oh, boy. From experiences with my current and past relationships, arguing with my significant other rarely ever led to anything beneficial.
Sure, you can have disagreements about opinions and then discuss them maturely,
But then there are those arguments that just stem from nothing, but get ignited into a bonfire. I had an ex-girlfriend
literally admit to me that she enjoyed arguing. And that is why she is now an ex.
I'm pretty sure half of her conversations were arguments because I usually said something that I thought was innocent and meant no harm
but she misconstrued it to be a malicious attack on her.
She failed to understand that I had
nothing to gain by trying to offend her without context and was convinced that anything I did that mildly upset her was
premeditated. As if I woke up that morning and the first thought in my head was "Hmm, you know."
"What would be delightful if I pissed off my girlfriend today?" Hmm? Yeah here let me dig up an actual conversation
we had. Warning: You might suffocate from how toxic this is.
So for context I posted a picture of my dog on Instagram that she took using my phone,
but I didn't credit her for it. Not on purpose, I just.. you know why I didn't think it mattered.
It's just a picture of Nala.
Wow give me photographer credit. Nani? (What?) I captured such a memorable moment.
I'll add it, but does it really matter? The pic's about Nala? Yes, which I took.
Disappointed in you again, If you don't like to give credit then take another pic and don't use mine.
Hey, is something wrong?
Yeah, seeing the pic on Instagram without proper crediting. Like, is anything else wrong?
I like to think that when people lash out especially for dumb reasons
They probably have another source where the rage is actually coming from other people
Just put a camera's symbol along with the name of the person. I just don't understand how this worked you up so much
I know you took it but it's so important for you that everyone else knows like you want this on your resume or something
No, I'm very disappointed in your mentality. I believe that photographers deserve credit.
(Domics realising what he got himself into)
I just trusted that you wouldn't care you didn't tell me first that you would post it as your own
This is really what you want to argue about right now. I'll talk to you later and let you calm down. I'm not arguing
I'm let down by what you did like your perspective is so messed up just because you know
I took it means no one else needs to know. Hello. You think you're all that being important?
I feel bullied and mistreated and you running away from a discussion makes me respect you less
(Recorder Playing while Domics goes insane)
There are three things that fuel useless arguments pride
Insecurity and stubbornness people with a lot of pride can't tolerate the slightest feeling of the little man
So if you ever do or say something that slightly challenges their identity or beliefs it is
Impossible for them to let it slide and that isn't to say that you shouldn't defend yourself if someone is being offensive
But when you are actively counter attacking people who meant no harm or are just passively ignorant
Then you're not picking your fights correctly just have a civil discussion. It's really easy
If you ever hear anyone say set your pride aside
It simply means to stop treating it like some sacred relic that you have to defend at all times
Something a lot of you practice that you probably aren't aware of is passive aggression
Being passive aggressive means to retaliate in a way that isn't openly violent, but can be interpreted as offensive
This can take many forms including the silent treatment
Hey, sorry, I'm late. I was stuck in traffic
Lying in an obviously sarcastic tone
No, it's fine whatever and other acts of douchery, could you pass the salt please
Most people who practice passive aggression are often weak with confrontation and believe that those they are targeting can interpret exactly
What they are upset about and take the initiative to fix the problem which most of the time they can't because they can't read minds
Which then leads to a more complicated conflict
Which could have been avoided if they just openly spoke to each other about the issue at hand?
The reason a lot of arguments with people are pointless is because of fallacies
fallacious arguments are simply weak and faulty logic that don't have proper reasoning people often use them to veer away from the point of the
arguments for the sake of trying to win the argument
I won't go to them in too much detail
But some examples are...
Ad Hominem: Latin for to the person meaning personal attacks on the other party
based on characteristics or appearance
Mr. Scott, you are charged with three counts of first-degree murder. How do you plead?
Shut up, you're ugly.
Hasty generalization meaning general statements made with insufficient evidence to prove them.
Hey, you want to play some smash?
(cool Smash Bros fighting)
I have concluded that
because I lost, Donkey Kong is the best character in the game.
Nope, you just suck
And To Quoque: Latin for "You too"
used to distract from the argument by redirecting the focus on another party's hypocrisy
Hmm. I think the colors look a bit too flat
and don't give the character enough depth in relation to the background.
Well, let's see you do better!!! (pure insult)
Karen... this is a critique
I really recommend reading into all of them
so you can be aware of people who try to use them against you.
This knowledge will save you plenty of time
because it'll let you determine whether discussions with certain people are worth your time
My ex used all of them (yeah)
It's not too late. You can still save yourself
PS -- stop using the past as ammunition if you've already moved on from it
Don't bring it up again just to win an argument and stop manipulating
Situations to make yourself seem like the victim when you yourself are the actual problem.
Ok. Thanks
And there's no arguing(Pun Intended) that today's sponsor, Audible,
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Sometimes I find it difficult to watch shows or movies while I work because I can't look at two different screens
Simultaneously. Luckily. I don't need my ears at all times while I animate so listening to books works great for me
Thanks to Josiah for recommending unwind by Neal Shusterman in relation to the Wagah video. I made in January
it's about a
Society where unwanted children can be salvaged for their body parts and follows the narrative of three Runaways who try to fight the system
Yeah, it kind of sounds like promise Neverland pretty hype once again
that's audible.com slash Domix
link below or text Domics to 500 500 for a 30-day trial of free
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Dumb Arguments

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