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  • We're going to look at

  • five different uses of the word 'break'.

  • As a verb, 'break' can have many meanings,

  • but today we're only going to look at three.

  • Number one.

  • It means to 'separate into pieces'.

  • Oh, I sat on my glasses,

  • but thankfully they didn't break!

  • Two,

  • break means that something

  • 'doesn't operate or doesn't function properly'.

  • Why is my laptop not working?

  • Don't tell me it's broken.

  • And meaning number three.

  • It means to 'surpass or do better than something else'.

  • Have you seen that new horror film?

  • It broke all the box office records.

  • As an adjective, 'breaking' is very often used

  • together with the word 'news'

  • to mean that the news is 'very, very recent'.

  • I get breaking news notifications on my phone.

  • And finally, as a noun,

  • break means to 'stop working for a short time'.

  • It's time for a break!

We're going to look at


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休憩の5つの使い方 - English In A Minute (5 uses of break - English In A Minute)

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