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Baby B. We don't do Baby B we do BIG B!
Baby B?! Big B? What are we talking about?
- Uh... possibly that!? - Yeah!
I was like "Oh noooo!"
You get very cozy with strangers.
Hey guys and girls this is Cathy Cat and today we are gonna ask foreigners
who have come to Japan what thing they have seen
the VERY VERY first time when they've come to Japan.
Something completely new to them.
Let's go and ask foreigners in Japan.
Cat cafes!
What do you think about those?
They're interesting. But I like them.
Did you go to one?
- Not yet. - Would you like to? - Yes.
What do you imagine it will be like?
I don't know I feel like I can make some friends there with the cats.
Cat cafes, Owl cafes, bunny cafes, snake cafes...
It's nice to be actually somewhere where there are manners
and cuing and things like that, because we have been in China for a while.
It's just crazy here isn't it. Like frozen popcorn we saw today. It was nice.
With the cat cafes, have you been to one yet?
We went to the cat cafe, that was good.
That was lovely.
We have seen a rabbit cafe and an owl cafe.
- We haven't been in. - Snake cafe.
Would you like to try and go to a snake cafe?
I don't fancy it myself.
Well, I'd be alright with it.
We don't have this many vending machines.
Vending machines are EVERYWHERE!
Where are the cool cans of...
The Bee!
Baby B. In Australia we don't do Baby B we do BIG B!
Baby B?! Big B? What are we talking about?
We don't have this small can.
Oh right.
Like the mini mini sizes.
Where did you find that cause I have only seen that...
Why have I not seen this, I live here!
It's like tiny.
It's a waste of time really. You need at least four of them.
Like a mini shot.
It's like a beer shot.
Why do you think there is a tiny beer size here in Japan?
Maybe because Japanese people are tiny they have tiny little drinks.
Just a tiny bit of beer today.
They probably can't drink as much as Australians.
How many of those little ones would you need for a good time?
20 minimum so we will start at 20.
You mentioned the vending machines earlier.
What were you surprised about them?
Having the combination of the cold and hot stuff.
Also, underage drinking, how does ...
how do you control who buys the beer from the vending machines?
I think there is no beer in the vending machines...?
I might be wrong. Is there beer in the vending machines sometimes?
- Yeah. - Oh right (clearly doesn't drink beer)
That's a very good question. What do you think?
I don't know. I have no idea. In Australia underage kids would be into that.
Really weird vending machines.
Hot drinks, coffe and such in cans.
You don't see that sort of stuff our way.
Things from vending machines you wouldn't expect to be.
Or ordering Ramen through basically a vending machine.
Pushing a button and getting a ticket.
and then presenting it to your server is really unusual.
The ramen tickets. What confused you about that?
They are not in English so we are trying to match characters from pictures
- Uhm... possibly that?! - Yes.
Heated toilet seats. We had an accident with the toilets.
It shot water from the toilet up in the air and soaked us.
You go in and there is a waterfall in there.
Did you push the wrong button?
It sprayed the roof of the hotel and it was just everywhere.
How did you get it to stop?
- I don't know, what did we do? - I went in.
- I went in and turned it off. - And then cleaned up all the water.
I would say the toilets.
The warm toilet seats. I love those.
- What did you think when you saw them the first time? -I love them.
I love how warm they are and the detail. The attention to hygiene.
Keeping everything clean. Love that.
Everything, with all the advertisements and such.
All the lights. That's very big and I have never experienced that.
The toilets are very different as well.
I have never used a bidet before.
You mentioned the toilets, what surprised you about them?
The fact that a lot of them are in the ground and
for squatting and stuff.
It's good though. It's better to squad when you go to the bathroom.
It helps your body push it out easier.
I think we can learn a thing in Canada from that.
The cleanliness of the bidets!
It's great to get everything washed away properly.
- And the heated seats. - Oh yeah that's the best!
I love that and the fact that in a lot of the public ones
there is a privacy setting that mimics a water sound.
So people don't hear you doing your business.
Which is cool, I know that's a source of anxiety for me.
I don't want anyone to hear what I am doing in here.
So I like that setting a lot.
The privacy is awesome.
Here all the doors go right to the edge of the stall and
You don't have that weird gap where you think someone
might be creeping on you while you are going to the bathroom.
It's awesome how the doors go all the way from the ground to the top
you feel super safe in your own little bubble at the bathroom.
It's great.
Some of those doors don't close properly in Canada?
Well pretty much...
Everywhere you go there is always a big gap between the ground
and the door.
There is also a gap between the lock and the stall.
It's interesting here to have your own tiny private little room
that you to go the bathroom in. It's nice. I like it.
You don't have to worry about people peeking under the stall.
I have had that happen to me in Canada before.
- Usually little kids. - Usually kids but...
It's still like... ok I am going to the bathroom...
Japanese Whiskey.
That's very nice here.
We have had a couple glasses of that.
- You saw that for the first time here? - I drank it for the first time now.
- It's delicious. - What was the best one so far?
Squid. I guess. That was kind of creepy. I don't know.
Tentacles, yeah it's weird.
- Where did you see it? - It was in a Sushi Restaurant.
- Was it a full squid? - It was just the tentacle parts of it.
For me I'd say Yakitori.
It's not just chicken on a stick. It's chicken skin, and liver
and all kinds of really weird stuff on a stick. That is kind of weird.
It's still really good.
I don't like the skin but the other stuff is really good.
We had octopus balls... tak tak...
Takoyaki. They were good.
Very first time? - Yes.
We got Yakitori.
It said chicken so we were like OK.
It's like EVERYTHING from a chicken so gizzard, liver ....
It was definitely not beef. We realized that after we bit into it.
But it's good to try new things.
When we got on the train from the airport to Akihabara...
The seats on the train automatically turned around. It was very fun.
I have never seen that before.
- Were they turning while you were waiting? - They were cleaning the train.
The train was going to go the other direction so they turned the seats.
I thought "Japanese people really like gadgets."
I rode a train for the first time. In my country there are no trains at all.
You've seen the Japanese trains. What's your opinion on them?
Very crowded.
- I am like "Oh noo"
Yeah it's getting very cozy with strangers.
We noticed that people are allowed to wear whatever they want.
That's something you can't do in Sweden.
It's very conservative.
We really like that everyone can express their own style.
I think that was the first thing, maybe.
I think the same. You can just relax and dress (how you like).
For example people have school uniforms and we don't have them in Sweden.
That's one more thing that you see a lot.
Very beautiful school uniforms.
Do you want to have them back home?
I don't know. Maybe the cute ones.
What classifies as cute one?
The ones with the short skirts and the puffy over shirts.
A big puffy overshirt over everything. It looks adorable.
Anything else you can thing of? Things, items, goods you've seen for the first time?
Everyone has high heels.
We just walk around in these ones. I have had them for years.
Huge buildings like this one. There are also none in my country.
Also how people interact with each other. That's also very different.
What's different with the interaction?
In my country when we meet people we hug each other but here....
What do we do? Uh.. hi!
I think the cleanliness of the city. It's so beautiful here.
Everything is so pristinely kept.
Which you don't get in NY or LA.
Is there more garbage on the floor or what?
No garbage here.
There are no fat people here. It's nice.
I like to keep it tight.
- Everyone is skinny here. - That's how it should be.
- Game shops. - You mean game centers?
You don't have them in Denmark? -No.
- Have you been to one yet? - Not yet.
- Will you go to one? - We think so yes.
You can see that the culture is very different.
The city is more alive than Copenhagen. A lot of lights.
More flashing lights and commercials? - Yeah.
Face masks.
Whenever you walk around you see a lot of people wearing face masks.
Everything I'd see about Japan before I came here.
No one ever wore as much face masks as I have seen here.
It kind of freaked me out. Why are they wearing face masks?
Why do you think they are wearing face masks?
Just because they are sick?
They don't want other people to get sick from them.
We're not as courteous in America.
Sneeze all over everyone. Cough all over everyone.
It's nice to have face masks.
It's a lot cleaner in that way.
Different cultures and stuff like that.
We are staying in Shinjuku.
It's very different there to here.
- The Shinjuku streets in general. - It's VERY different.
Have you been to the robot cafe yet?
Not yet but this week maybe.
Those were all the questions, thank you so much.
The thing most foreigners were surprised were actually the toilets.
'Which is an answer we get quite a lot because they are so technical here.
They do all kinds of things, they play music,
they have a spray for your bum, they have a bidet, they have music...
heated seats. All the things you never thought you might need
when you go to the bathroom.
That's one of the big things.
One of the things that surprised me on the first day I came to Japan
It was a thing I didn't find in textbooks and cultural TV programs about Japan
The sun was up in the sky when I went into a store, I bought one little thing
when I went out it was pitch black.
And that shocked me. In Europe our sun sets very slowly...
Especially in summer we have long sunsets and you can see the sun
and the sky turns its color...
And in Japan the sun drops.
It just drops from the sky and it was gone.
It was around 5-6 pm. So it sets really early and very quickly.
Which was a total surprise for me when I went to Japan.
That's the thing that surprised me very much on the very first day.
How about you, have you been to Japan? Is there anything you'd like to share
that surprised you the first time you came?
Let us know, looking forward to your comments.
We have now a couple of videos that you might be interested
in if you wanna keep watching. Catch you soon on Ask Japanese.



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