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  • Actress, NON.

  • "I AM NON" follows her filmmaking process.

  • NON wrote the music for her film, too.

  • Why does she sing?

  • Is there a message in her song?

  • We'll show you how she makes music.

  • [Sing for yourself]

  • I feel shy speaking up.

  • I'm not good at getting my messages across either.

  • That's why I write songs and hold a show to perform.

  • I believe through my songs,

  • I'm having conversations with the audience.

  • So I started a label called KAIWA (RE) CORD.

  • When I play music, I always think,

  • "It's OK if I make mistakes."

  • "I can still have fun musical experiences."

  • Because in that way, I can discover new things

  • that I never knew I could do,

  • and find more things I want to do.

  • Oh, like that?

  • Before I write music,

  • I don't plan what I'm going to do with it.

  • I think it's enough to just follow my heart

  • and play it by ear.

Actress, NON.


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