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  • You've probably heard that weather is getting more extreme and that this is in part because

    最近よく耳にします。 異常気象はどんどん増えていて

  • accumulating greenhouse gases have caused the air at earth's surface to warm by an

    それは温室効果により、この100年で 平均気温が0.8℃上昇したからだと。

  • average of 0.8 degrees celsius over the last century. But how could a barely perceptible

    でも、たった0.8℃の上昇が どうして異常気象に結びつくのでしょう?

  • rise in air temperature lead to such crazy changes in weather?

    それは、この気温上昇に使われたのが 大気に余分にたまった熱の、1%にすぎないからです。

  • Well, that air temperature rise actually only amounts to 1% of the extra energy absorbed

    数%は地面に吸収され 残りは全部、海が吸収しました。

  • by earth's atmosphere over the last century – a few percent has been absorbed by land

    100年間、1秒ごとに原子爆弾を爆発させたのと 同じ熱量が、海にたまったことになります。

  • and almost all the rest has been soaked up by the oceans. That increase in ocean heat

    この海の熱が 天候に大きく関わっています。

  • content is the energy equivalent of an atomic bomb exploding every second for the last 100

    海面温度が上がると 蒸発量も多くなり

  • years. And THAT matters because heat stored in the oceans has a big impact on the weather.

    また、気温1℃の上昇ごとに 空気が水蒸気を保てる量も、7%多くなります。

  • For one, the warmer the water at the surface gets, the more of it vaporizes into the air.

    つまり、海上の空気が より多くの水を含むことになり

  • At the same time, every degree increase in air temperature raises the air's capacity


  • to hold water vapor by about 7 percent. This means parcels of air out over the ocean are

    陸上でもそうです。熱により 空気がいつもより多く水を吸い

  • picking up more water than they used to, which leads to HEAVIER rains and snows. Meanwhile,


  • warmer land surfaces mean parcels of air over land are also picking up more water than they

    海の熱はまた 海面のホットスポットの温度も上げ

  • used to, making dry places drier and droughts harsher.

    このホットスポットは 大嵐や大洪水の原動力になります。

  • Warmer oceans also make concentrated hot spots on the ocean's surface even hotter. These

    ハリケーン・サンディーや 台風ハイエンもそうです。

  • areas of high sea surface temperatures have always helped drive the biggest storms and

    海の熱が、嵐の「数」に影響するかについては 確証はありませんが

  • floods, including, in recent years, both Hurricane Sandy and super-typhoon Haiyan. We don't

    すでに発生した嵐の エネルギーと破壊力を高めるのは確かです。

  • yet know for sure whether warming oceans are producing a greater number of these storms,

    異常気象の増加は 熱い大気のせいだけではなく

  • but it's basic physics that more heat in the oceans gives these kinds of storms significantly


  • more energy and destructive power when they do happen.

  • So if you've heard that the world's weather has been getting more extreme, it's not

  • just a lot of hot air. It's also a bunch of warm water.

You've probably heard that weather is getting more extreme and that this is in part because

最近よく耳にします。 異常気象はどんどん増えていて


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