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The hours late, should go to bed near midnight I believe, but memories keep me wide awake this snowy Christmas Eve.
Yes, memories of my kids moved on, each has their separate life, and how the holidays have changed since angels took my wife.
The toys, the food, the Christmas cheer, my wife would bear the load because I work most holidays, State Trooper on the road.
Just sitting in my easy chair, so many years retired.
I reminisce of times gone by and all that has transpired, of all the many happenings that seem to come to light.
A multitude of them occurred right on this very night.
A drunken woman in a wreck who died on Christmas Eve leaves memories of a tragic case most people can't believe.
I had to drive to where she lived to tell her next of kin.
Found the rundown mobile home she had been living in.
The person answering the door I still recall today, a little girl about four years old.
She said "I'm Sue McKay."
I asked her if her dad was home and felt the longest pause.
She said "My daddy ran away. You must be Santa Claus."
"My mommy said you'd come tonight if I just stayed in bed and bring a pretty doll for me."
"It's what my mommy said."
I broke the rules that Christmas Eve, did not call child's care.
They'd merely put her in a room, and that I couldn't bear.
I picked her up, took her home, my wife tucked her in bed and wrapped a pretty doll for her just like mommy said.
Adopted by a loving home and soon they moved away.
I won't forget that Christmas Eve and little Sue McKay.
Another bitter Christmas Eve a blizzard to behold, and it left a family in a ditch, just trapped there in the cold.
By grace of god I spotted them, all cold and gaunt with fright.
Drove them to a motel room to safely spend the night.
One Christmas Eve a homeless man shivering and wet was trying hard to get a ride, I'm sure he'd never get.
I picked him up and drove him to a diner on the hill to warm his bones and left him with a five dollar bill.
Strange how when you're all alone what memories you recall.
You think of everything you've done and was it worth it all.
I think about my God, my job, my children, and my wife.
Would I do it all the same, could I re-live my life?
Then comes a knock upon my door.
This late who could it be?
A neighbor, or has Santa Claus come to visit me?
The figure standing in the cold gives me a sudden fright.
A trooper with that solemn look, dear God, who's died tonight?
I'm flashing back to bygone years how I'd often stood on someone's porch to bring them news, and it was never good.
Is this how life gets back at me for misery I've induced, where pain I've caused some other folks has now come home to roost?
But looking in the troopers eyes my mind is in a whirl.
I see a pleasant countenance.
The trooper is a girl.
She smiled and reached to shake my hand and silence wasn't broke until a tear rolled down her cheek, and then she softly spoke.
"I'm sure you don't remember me, but thought I'd stop and say..."
"God bless you on this Christmas Eve. I'm Trooper Sue McKay."



忘れられないクリスマスイブ (My Christmas Eve)

505 タグ追加 保存
ayane 2019 年 11 月 7 日 に公開    Ken 翻訳    Yukiko チェック
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