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(dramatic piano music)
I've been called all kinds of things, Casper, Snow White, Ugly, just all kinds of mean, terrible things.
People have said that I wouldn't make it as a model, but I am a model.
(hip-hop music)
I'm Diandra Forrest.
I was one of the first models with albinism signed to a major modeling agency.
Albinism is a gene that causes lack of pigment in hair, skin, and eyes.
I grew up in the Bronx, so there's a lot of either blacks or Hispanics.
People were always like, "What are you?" you know.
I'd be like, "Yeah, I'm black or African American,"
And it's like, "No, you're not."
I'm just, "Okay, how are you gonna tell me what I am?"
Rain is my daughter, my eight-week now old daughter.
We're a very blended family, when it comes to skin color.
Black comes in all shades, so we're just adding more complexions to my family.
(light piano music)
I walked the runway with Rain during Fashion Week and she slept the whole time.
I want her to grow up to be, you know, her own person, not afraid to ask questions, know who she is,
And be interested to know who other people are as well.
(light piano music)
I didn't always feel beautiful.
Words do hurt, you know.
I am bothered by things people say.
But, you know there's beauty in everybody,
And I think it should be celebrated.
Once you feel the confidence and know who you are as a person,
It can't really affect you anymore.


Beyond Black and White: Modeling on Her Own Terms

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許大善 2019 年 11 月 6 日 に公開
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