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Travel and tourism is booming.
Over 1 billion tourists travel to another country each year and the number keeps growing.
Travel and tourism is creating new jobs.
By 2026, travel and tourism will support 1 in every 9 jobs.
That is 370 million jobs.
Hospitality is transforming.
The sharing economy, technology and innovation are transforming and personalizing the consumer
Accommodation: Airbnb, Alterkeys, Bemate and Oasis.
Airbnb is valued at $30 billion — that's as much as the world's largest hotel chain,
Marriott International.
And now, Airbnb offers experiences, too.
And what's on the horizon?
Virtual and augmented reality are driving innovation across sectors, creating new layers
and multi-sensory experiences in gaming, dining, hotels, retail and entertainment.
Artificial Intelligence is evolving too, bringing a smoother, smarter, personalized service
in travel booking, recommendations, hotel check-ins and restaurants.
With all these developments, values are also changing.
Customers crave authentic, immersive experiences: sustainable eco-tourism, cultural immersions,
meet-the-locals experiences, farm-to-table dining and personalized homestays.
Les Roches is ahead of the game.
We are the most global hospitality school.
We have students who study with classmates from 100 different countries.
They live and work in up to 5 different countries during their studies.
We disrupt the traditional educational model through student-powered learning.
We help students to develop their skills and confidence to seize opportunities and create
33% of Les Roches alumni run their own businesses in sectors like consulting, technology, travel,
media, food and beverage, events, health and wellness, and real estate.
Les Roches is not just a school, it's a way of life.


旅行・観光産業のトップトレンド2019 (Why Study Hospitality? Top Trends in Travel & Tourism 2019)

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