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  • (ticking clocks)

  • - You're not supposed to worry about how the clocks got set,

  • right, they just did get set.

  • When everything's working properly and I'm doing my job,

  • you don't know anything about it.

  • - [Interviewer] Are you wearing a watch?

  • - Yeah, I don't wear a watch because it's

  • too compulsive.

  • - [Interviewer] That's Judah Levine.

  • - It makes you look at the watch all

  • the time and you kind of go a little crazy.

  • - [Interviewer] His nickname is literally

  • the Nation's Time Lord.

  • - I mean, that comes from Dr. Who, if you've ever

  • watched Dr. Who.

  • I don't remember who made me the Time Lord.

  • I think it's unfair to all my colleagues.

  • - [Interviewer] Do you have a Tardis?

  • - Uh no, I don't have a Tardis.

  • Only Dr. Who has a Tardis.

  • - [Interviewer] Okay fair enough, but there's

  • a reason he got that nickname.

  • Judah's job is to officially keep time standard.

  • He works here at the National Institute

  • of Standards and Technology.

  • It's a government agency that maintains standards

  • of all quantities, such as length, speed,

  • and, well...

  • Time.

  • - In the old days, which means like 100 years ago,

  • time was something that was astronomical.

  • It was sunrise, or sunset or noon or whatever.

  • In the more modern era, time is something

  • defined by a ton of clocks, which provide

  • a very stable reference frequency.

  • - [Interviewer] Atomic clocks are the most accurate

  • way to tell time on earth.

  • 45 years ago, Judah and a team of scientists

  • at NIST developed a system for the atomic clock

  • that tracks time more accurately than ever before

  • in the U.S., linking all phones,

  • power grids, financial markets, you name it.

  • Every day he checks to make sure the systems

  • are calibrated, ensuring that time is right on schedule.

  • - These are the atomic clocks, this is the real stuff.

  • - [Interviewer] What if we switched off

  • the atomic clock.

  • What if it just stops working?

  • - Uh, certainly cell phones systems stop

  • pretty much right away.

  • The internet stops pretty quickly.

  • High end tech stuff would suffer very quickly.

  • - [Interviewer] But that's probably not gonna happen.

  • - There are 400 atomic clocks in many timing laboratories.

  • I don't think we're ever going to intentionally

  • switch off all of the atomic clocks.

  • That's an unthinkable event.

  • - [Interviewer] If you say so, Judah.

  • After, all, you're the only reason we

  • all know what time it is.

(ticking clocks)


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