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  • VOICE In a world full of crime, one man

  • is determined to kill Batman once and for all, his director

  • Joel Shumacher.

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Batman & Robin.

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Watch Academy Award-winning ladies

  • man George Clooney phone it in as Batman. A hero capable of

  • performing impossible feats...except for moving his

  • neck...or body

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Unfortunately he's not alone. In a

  • film full of way too many supporting characters, he's

  • bringing even more:

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Robin! A naggy sidekick you AND

  • Batman will both want to punch in the face!

  • VOICE (CONT'D) And Alfred's British niece Batgirl.

  • Who talks like Cher from Clueless.

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Together they'll all awkwardly wait

  • for this movie to be over.

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Witness Shumacher's creepy rubber fetish, as his camera lingers on...

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Bat crotch

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Bat butt

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Bat bewbs

  • VOICE (CONT'D) And male bat nips.

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Poison Ivy wants to cover the world

  • in plants...Mr. Freeze wants to cover the world in ice...They'll

  • team up even though their goals are completely incompatible...

  • VOICE (CONT'D) To make the most puns ever!

  • VOICE (CONT'D) And their bad puns are just the tip of the iceberg...

  • VOICE (CONT'D) OK that one didn't even make sense.

  • VOICE (CONT'D) So if you loved Adam West's Batman,

  • but wish it was even more campy, less fun, and full of grappling

  • hooks latching onto things...

  • VOICE (CONT'D) We've got the film for you!

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Real Life Bruce Wayne

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Christopher Robin

  • VOICE (CONT'D) The Punning Man

  • Coldnan The Barbarian

  • Kindergarten Ice Pop

  • Terminator Blue / Alright we get it

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Strom Thurman

  • VOICE (CONT'D) 90's Emma Stone

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Tom Hardly

  • VOICE (CONT'D) Vivica Still Not Actually A Fox

  • VOICE (CONT'D) And Coolio?

  • VOICE (CONT'D) The worst Batman ever.

  • VOICE (CONT'D) If you don't believe us,

  • just ask

  • the people who worked on it...

VOICE In a world full of crime, one man


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正直な予告編 - バットマン&ロビン (Honest Trailers - Batman & Robin)

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