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hey everybody
welcome to another video where I do whatever I want
and today I want to appreciate the little things
I recently had a cold
that's why you're not allowed to get close to my face because I don't want you to see the
crusties on my nose
I recently had a cold though and it made me appreciate
the little things
like breathing, and sleeping, being healthy
so I'm gonna list of things
that I think we all should just learn to appreciate a little bit more
I'm gonna read it to you today
ready? let's begin
tear away tags
for years we have had to use scissors to cut the tags out of our clothes
but nay! one day
there was a lovely human who decided
they shall tear them away
and now we get to tear away our tags
when people get just as excited to see my dog
as my dog is to see them
When after eating popcorn you don't have any kernels stuck in your teeth
I appreciate that went at a stop sign
with four other cars everyone knows how a stop sign works and moves accordingly
hello hello handsome
When you pull up to a parking meter and there's already time
in the meter
whatever my mom laughed so hard that she pees a little in her pants
being able to breathe through your nose after a cold
I'm not there yet but I
will be and I will appreciate it
when someone hands me a starburst and it's a pink one
When I'm at a friend's house with a group of people
and they have a dog there
and the dog chooses to sit with me out of all the other people
opening up a refrigerator and there's actually food in there to eat
the warmth a freshly printed paper
When I guide my scissors through some wrapping paper
and it doesn't tear
when I order something online and I forgot that I ordered it
and then it shows up to my door and it's like I bought a present for myself
just q-tips
Vacuuming. The beautiful clean lines at leaves
Watching it suck up all the little dirt
Being in the carpool lane when it moves faster than
all the rest of the traffic cuz then I get to look at those people and go
ha I have a friend for once
just sweatpants
when my bag is the first bag
out of baggage claim
it happened to me last weekend it was really nice I loved it
the first one. Bloop
When me and someone else get into the car at the same time
we both closed our doors and the exact same time
so it only makes one succinct noise instead of two
only one
When I plug my USB
into the USB drive correctly on the first try
that's never happened you plug
it into this wrong then you have to take it out and plug it back in and it's still
wrong and then you turn around and it's right
that's how it works
Being the last person through a yellow light
Ooooo so good
When I have to poop in a public restroom and
there's no one else in there
plop plop
when I'm rolling coins and I have just enough
coins to fill the roll
when all of my socks have a buddy to match up with
after they've gone through the wash
when an envelope has that peel away thing so
I don't have to lick it and stick it together because that thing tastes gross
and cuts my tongue
when my dog poops in the grass instead of on concrete because
you can't pick it up on concrete it smears guys it smears
after a long hot
day in the Sun that first sip of carbonated cold soda that you could just
feel run through your veins
I barely drink soda anymore but what I do oooooo it's good
and lastly
when your friend invites you over for dinner and the food doesn't suck
you know what I'm talking about
there are times or even... Sometimes they don't even have enough food
to feed everyone you're like... Really? 3 burgers for twenty people?
what's happening???
Don't throw a dinner party if you can't feed everybody
That one makes me sound terrible but I appreciate when people are fully
prepared and could cook well
I cannot cook well I don't throw dinner parties
all right that's gonna be it for today those are just some small things in life
I've learned to appreciate
Comment below or tweet me or Instagram me little things
in life you appreciate
you know because sometimes it's just the little things
that matter most it's the little things that can just change your whole day and
sometimes you need to learn just look for the little things
again I love you guys so much
like this video if you liked it and subscribe to see videos
every Tuesday and Thursday on this channel
the videos this week haven't been
the best but I have been sick but I'm finally feeling better so next week I
shall be back to normal mediocre quality
and remember guys and above all else
stay awesome possums



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