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[Interviewer] Can you describe the perfect day?
When you get a puppy and it's sunny and you go to a pool.
Hasn't happened yet.
(upbeat music)
It would start at the same time a normal day starts.
You don't need to brush your teeth, don't need to get dressed.
Actually getting dress is very important.
It's sunny.
Like, hot.
80 degrees.
Birds chirping.
Find a four-leaf clover.
It would smell like roses.
Get up and eat breakfast.
Chocolate pancakes.
My sister doesn't throw a fit.
No school.
I wouldn't have to do any chores.
Play with my frisbee.
[Interviewer] How many friends do you have?
And play all day.
We would go on a bunch of pump tracks.
It's kind of like a skate park made of dirt for bikes.
[Interviewer] Can you describe a perfect day?
Me playing in the park with my sister and my brother.
[Interviewer] But on the perfect day would they fight or no fighting?
They always fight.
Nobody yellin.
Or annoying me.
No annoying brother.
My perfect day would honestly be resting.
I would get to chill.
Swimming in the - swimming pool!
In the pool, it's just lukewarm.
And talk under the water.
My sisters would not be there.
And when you got off the pool, you had some delicious popsicles.
Getting a popsicle.
And eat ice cream.
Purple ice cream on a waffle.
A day where I can eat ice cream all day, and no tummy aches.
Having the whole day eating.
Hamburgers and french fries.
Pizza for dinner.
Goldfish, gummy worms, more gummy worms, more gummy worms, and eat goldfish.
A perfect day would.
Spending time at Disney.
Disneyland with no lines.
A water park.
And ride everything.
[Interviewer] Describe the perfect day.
A vacation to Hawaii.
Venice Beach.
Tokyo and then Paris.
And no one pukes in the car.
I really like Fridays.
Sunday. -Sunday.
Sunday cause that's my name.
[Interviewer] Describe the perfect day.
All my friends are there, we have a party.
I would have a dance party, and everything would be made out of pizza.
The perfect what?
[Interviewer] Perfect day.
Being here and being on this show.
Getting to be on camera.
I become very famous and get rich.
Donate to the homeless.
I get my nails done.
Get myself a phone.
Then buy a bunch of animals.
Getting a Pomeranian, getting a doggy mansion.
Riding on a horse, having a horse that's a unicorn.
I get to buy whatever I want.
[Interviewer] Where?
A garage sale.
[Interviewer] Can you describe a perfect day?
Wait, what that mean?
When everything's going right.
Everything that you ever dreamed of.
Play with a thousand cats.
Spend the day for Marshmallow Man.
Christmas because it has snow and you can go sledding, or you can go snowboarding with my brother Brett. (laughter)
I would spend it with my brother.
Spend the day with mom.
- My mommy. - Mom.
- Cuddling with my mom. - Mommy.
Playing grandmas.
Helping with my grandma because she's old.
[Interviewer] You like old people?
The most perfect day is that you read and you study and if you're thinking about this and if boys play video games how are you going to get your college degree?
Playing video games all day.
Play Xbox.
Play Magic the Gathering for like six hours straight.
Battling Pokemon.
I want a Smash Brothers tournament.
I want it to be nighttime all day.
Then we'd have to go to bed.
That's pretty much it.
Perfect day.


100人の子供が描く完璧な1日 (100 Kids Describe The Best Day Ever | 100 Kids | HiHo Kids)

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