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Hi Neil, good weekend?
Do anything nice?
Hi Feifei.
Actually, I stayed in and watched TV.
No, I watched this marvellous program from Norway.
Oh, one of those police dramas?
They're great!
Actually, believe it or not, the entire film was just the view from the front of a train, all the way from one city to another.
It was seven hours long.
Seven hours?
That's all that happened?
No people, no police, no nothing?
Just the view from the train.
It was such a relaxing journey.
They call it "slow TV".
Ahh, yes, I've heard of that.
Wasn't there one on a boat, too?
Isn't it a bit boring?
Well, it's not for everyone.
But my life is so busy.
I just like to slow down now and again.
I'm still not convinced.
Anyway, let's hear some more examples about this slow TV.
It's our phrase on The English We Speak.
Michala's company specialises in making slow TV.
She says business is great right now!
I recently discovered slow TV.
My friends think it's really dull, but I find it helps clear my head after a stressful day.
What are you watching?
It looks just like a fireplace with a big piece of wood burning.
It is!
Isn't slow TV fantastic?
It takes about four hours for the wood to burn completely.
You're listening to The English We Speak from BBC Learning English.
The expression we're looking at in this program is "slow TV".
So Neil, is this what you'll be doing with you free time from now on?
Watching slow TV?
No, I've got an even better idea for this weekend.
You know that oak tree I planted?
Err, yes.
I'm going to film it.
And make my very own slow TV!
Then you can watch my tree grow, any time you like.
Honestly, Neil, I don't think so.
Maybe this will be the next big thing in slow TV.
I could call it, slow tree-V, get it?
I think what you need is to take a long, slow walk outside.
Then you can admire all the trees you like!
Just you wait, Feifei!
This will be the slowest TV ever – oak trees take around 30 years to grow.
Good luck, Neil.
See you in 30 years.
I'll stick to police dramas in the meantime.



【BBC 英語学習】「slow TV スローTV」 (What is 'slow TV'?)

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