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Hi guys.
In this video I'm going to show you how to read large numbers in English.
So, can you read this number?
Okay, let me show you.
It's quite simple.
In English, we have the labels 'trillion,' 'billion,' 'million,' thousand.'
To read the number, you read the three numbers, and then the label below.
So, this number is One hundred twenty three trillion, four hundred fifty six billion,
seven hundred eighty nine million, one hundred twelve thousand, three hundred forty five.
That's it.
If the number is smaller, for example if it starts here in the millions, you just read this.
Seven hundred eighty nine million, one hundred twelve thousand, three hundred forty five.
So let's practice.
This is a large number, this one starts in the billions.
So we have, nine hundred eighty seven billion, six hundred fifty three million, two hundred eleven thousand, five hundred thirty two.
Six hundred seventy five million, two hundred thirty three thousand, one hundred five.
Twenty one million, three hundred five thousand, nine hundred eighty nine.
Four hundred and eight thousand, nine hundred and two.
Eight million, four hundred twenty thousand.
Fifty eight thousand, four hundred twenty one.
Two thousand, nine hundred fifty.
One thousand, four hundred.
You can say fourteen hundred also.
Okay, so if somebody asks you the population of your country, 'how many people are in your country?'
Lets look at some examples, so I'm in California, so the population of the United States is:
three hundred nineteen million people.
The population of Japan right now is about one hundred twenty six million people.
The population of Korea is about fifty million.
And the population of China right now is one billion, three hundred eighty five million.
Now, in this case, we sometimes put a decimal point here and round it.
So, for example, the population of China is one billion, three hundred eighty five million, or, one point four billion.
Okay, one point four billion (1.4 billion).
So, a house in California, that house is about two million three hundred thousand dollars ($2,300,000), or two point three million dollars.
Okay so here is the chart with the labels.
And, hopefully you can read a large number like this now.
Three hundred seventy eight trillion, two hundred fifty five billion, six hundred eighty fourteen million, twenty five thousand nine hundred eighty four.
Have a good day!


大きな桁の数字を読む方法 (Lesson 4: How to Read Large Numbers in English)

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