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  • When I was a kid...

  • there was a place.

  • A dark place.

  • They closed it down and let it rot.

  • But the things that lived there...

  • Hello, Danny.

  • They come back.

  • Not many ride the bus this far north.

  • You running away from something?

  • I'm running away from myself, I guess.

  • Hi.

  • You can hear me.

  • You're magic...

  • like me.

  • I don't know about magic.

  • I always called it the shining.

  • The world is a hungry place.

  • A dangerous place.

  • These people...

  • They hurt people like us.

  • These empty devils...

  • they'll eat what shines.

  • And they've noticed that little girl.

  • Well, hi there.

  • Get out of my head! Get out!

  • I haven't felt power like that in so long.

  • They're coming.

  • Where are we going?

  • There's a place.

  • You sure you wanna do this?

  • I'm ready.

  • Yes, you run, dear...

  • and then I will find you...

  • and you will scream for years.

  • Come and play with us...

  • for ever and ever.

When I was a kid...


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ドクター・スリープ - ファイナル・トレーラー - ワーナー・ブラザース UK (Doctor Sleep - Final Trailer - Warner Bros. UK)

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