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Today we are doing a snack swap.
Obviously I'm team Taiwan.
And I'm repping team USA.
Let me tell you something: America knows how to put some sugar in some snacks and make them taste good.
Taiwanese snacks, it's better than any American snack.
I believe it, honestly.
Really, why?
- Well, first of all. - Why are we doing this video?
I'm really excited to show you the stuff that I grew up with.
I'm so excited.
Rice Krispies Treats, they're so good.
As you open it you know that you may not feel your toes at the end of the day.
It's worth it.
That is marshmallow and Rice Krispies.
These used to be much bigger by the way.
I don't know if the FDA issued a warning.
These suckers are called sachima.
Sachima, I think the concept is the same.
A snack that comes in a block form.
It's deep fried noodles and then they bind it together with this delicious caramel glaze.
You got me at caramel.
I used to have a ton of these as a kid.
Oh, whoa, they're huge!
That one's giant. Look at this, see what I'm saying?
Look at this, see what I'm saying? Look, this is half the size of this.
I think this is the only time the American portion is smaller than the international version.
You eat a whole one of these?
You can eat like five of these.
Oh, I love the caramel!
If you put powdered sugar on top of this, it would taste like a funnel cake.
I could save this for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
This is a journey.
It smells like vanilla ice cream.
This is really good.
I don't remember so much marshmallow flavor.
It's not as sweet as I thought it was gonna be.
This is getting a little bit too sweet for me.
I'm going to just lay this here.
This is really good.
It's really sticky though, gets in the teeth.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, it's super sticky.
I would rather a dentist visit than on my death bed, so, this wins.
Oh my gosh!
They look so similar!
We have the Koloko which is the pea crackers.
Made from peas; P-A - , P-E-A, peas, no...
P-E-A - Not, no, not - P E A
They're just delicious.
This is one of my favorite snacks.
Everybody knows that everybody has had it as a kid.
Garlicky flavor, it's like an umami bomb in little chips.
In USA, America we have Fritos flavored twists, honey barbecue.
I remember so vividly getting so excited to buy these.
Growing up we used to do Frito pies, which we used to do chili and cheese.
They're are so good, so delicious.
Sweet, tangy barbecue flavor with that twist and that crunch, you actually taste the flavors five hours after you eat them.
It smells good.
Look at the color difference.
I could actually eat this whole bag.
This is very, very salty.
This is a light, delicate, garlic flavor.
Comes in like moments later.
- It's really mellow. - It creeps on you.
This one just punches you in the face.
I still love this.
Uppercuts you.
It's really salty, but I can't stop eating it.
I don't know what America's done to me, but.
Yes pea crackers, who knew?!
What if I'm Taiwanese now? Let me switch with you.
What the hell, this is delicious.
I need a refresher.
I gotta give it, my country, man.
I gotta give it to my country. I forgot how this bursts with flavor!
I think I would have to stick with that one.
This is a lot more flavorful.
I think I have to agree.
That's why I'm saving this so I can make me a chili pie later, okay.
This beef jerky, this is like a childhood staple as well.
Coming home from school, having your beef jerky.
The snack that you would take like camping.
So this is also beef jerky, also my childhood favorite.
Juicy and tender and it's like all kinds of amazing.
In Taiwan you would see stalls and they would literally be grilling the jerky.
- So you saw it up close and personal. - We saw it.
You know how your meals getting made.
Every time I go to Taiwan I honestly just want to bring a suitcase of pork jerky back, but US customs won't let me.
Look at that packaging.
I feel like gold is inside of this.
Look at this, just take it okay?
Just take the jerky.
Take the damn jerky and leave.
I'm gonna open my golden ticket!
Smells like liquid smoke.
It's like smoke, pfft.
What the heck?
This is a large piece of meat!
You can feed your family for a week.
This is one piece.
Ooh, that smells so good!
I feel like this was freshly made.
I feel like they just sent it here like an hour ago.
The color's so different.
Okay, wow, that is not a color.
What cow you know's out here walking around like this?
You can see it's like softer.
This, it's like, it's not...it's not moving.
This texture is a little artificial.
I still like these.
That is what I think of when I think of beef, just a lot of salt, a lot of, a lot of smoky.
And a lot and a lot of salt.
This actually tastes really good.
Man, America, what we doing?
What are we doing?
I know it sounds like I'm not rocking with my country, but how can you blame me when you've got textured, tender jerky?!
I will always go with our beef jerky.
It's the best.
No, don't disrespect my beef jerky!
I have pineapple cakes which are our specialty.
National treasure of Taiwan.
This is what we gift friends.
It's essentially shortbread on the outside and pineapple/winter melon jam on the inside.
So good!
On the American side we have Fig Newtons!
Oh my goodness, I grew up with these like every day in my household.
Fat free?
Nuh uh, no, I never ate the fat-free ones.
It sounds very similar.
An outside kind of cakey layer with inside jam.
I love Fig Newtons.
Smells, good.
Made with real fruits.
Cute packaging!
It says good.
Just in case you needed to know how good it was.
Grab and go, oops sorry.
You haven't even tried it, you're already trying to throw it away!
Oh, snap!
Oh, the smell just comes out and it's just so rich with pineapple.
Ooh, they're almost the same size!
They are almost the same size.
It smells very pineapple-y.
Okay, Taiwan.
What if I, I'm going to Taiwan this year.
I really like the fig jam and the breading ratio.
The flavor is a little more sophisticated.
But I like it.
These are super similar.
The cake is very buttery.
- Refresher course. - Yeah, I need a refresher.
Fig, it tastes like home.
No high fructose corn syrup, so she wins.
She wins.
Agree to disagree.
Is yours made with real fruit?
Real pineapple!
Agree to disagree.
So pineapple cake wins?
Yeah, I think pineapple cake wins in this case.
Sorry Mr. Newton.
Sorry Mr. Newton!
Sorry, not sorry.
That's good!
Goldfish weren't really my thing, Cheez-Its were.
But you know what, as I've gotten older, I've actually kind of grown to like them.
One time I ate a whole bag of these and then I vomited in the back of my mom's van when I was a kid, 'cause I love them so much!
And you still love them?
I love them so much.
This says it's made with smiles.
I have squid chips.
It says (speaking in foreign language)
It just mean very squid flavor.
Which I know sounds bizarre.
I've had this a lot as a kid.
If you bring us to the supermarket, the grocery store, we'd be like, this is the one.
Just seeing the packaging it's like very nostalgic.
OMG, the flavor whiplashes you first and foremost.
Oh my god, this is so cool!
Look at how cute this is.
Look at how adorable.
Like I'm gonna do a little ring action, okay, hello!
I'm just really intrigued by the concept of a squid chip.
There she is!
Right, well, it's just really subtle squid flavor.
The squid is loving this.
The squid is like, I gotcha.
Welcome to Taiwan.
The thing that made you vomit.
It's better to get quantity.
I like the goldfish, who wouldn't like it?
It's cheesy.
I think I didn't like when I was little 'cause I like my cheddar to hit me in the face.
The cheese is very subtle.
I could see myself snacking on this, just like...
This complements it so well.
Oh, the combination!
I'm gonna give this a tie. Can I do that?
Right there!
Right there!
We can't let a fish and a squid fight. They can't beef!
They are one and the same!
A snack is a snack, and I'm a snack fan.
I think we need to get our blood pressure checked now, man, 'cause I don't know how we're doing.
We just had sodium, sugar, it was lit.
Ready for bed actually.
Yeah, same, I wanna take a nap now.
When are you coming to Taiwan?
I really wanna come to Taiwan, and I want Inga to take me and show me around.
Let's do it!



アメリカ人と台湾人がお菓子の食べ比べ (American & Taiwanese People Swap Snacks)

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