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The design of the apartment was all about containing the amenities for life to the smallest possible area and to provide a bigger space for living.
The apartments located in a building called Ballina which is an art deco 1920s Heritage listed property.
There's 27 units in the this block.
I first moved into this apartment at the beginning of 2014.
When I got the apartment, there was a little kitchen in its own separate nook.
We decided to be a good idea to put the kitchen or living space and a bedroom where the kitchen was.
The apartment was really designed for two people, so the idea was that would function like a one-bedroom apartment so the bedroom can be completely closed off.
We have this little pocket window integrated into the storage wall.
So the idea is when you walk in the front door and that window is open, you can still see out the view and the apartment is significantly wider than just the width of the living space.
We built the bedroom on a platform to delineate the space between the living and the sleeping area that also allowed us to get plumbing to needed to go and install some shoe drawers.
There's storage underneath the bed, there's storage on top of the bed and there's a little recessed shelf which acts as a bedside table and has lights and powerpoints.
And those windows along with the windows in the living space were left in their original condition, so the external facade remains untouched.
Below the TV there's a little desk which can fold up and allows you to use the TV as a second monitor.
And we included a 24 bottle wine storage cupboard.
So we didn't want the kitchen to feel like kitchen.
We hid all the appliances included in the oven behind the little pocket door.
We put a drying rack above the sink, so that you can put your dishes away to dry.
We've got a white wall which is made out joinery and integrates a spice rack on the kitchen side.
And as you come into the apartment that's got the intercom hidden away inside the little key shelf to put stuff on so.
We completely hid the bathroom behind one of the sliding doors on the main wall.
When we first got it, there was a massive bath which we ripped out and was replaced at the shower and a washing machine.
Good design is not only about making a smaller footprint work harder, but it's also creating a really great quality of life and a sense of luxury in a tighter space.
And inevitably, that provides sustainable solutions for our cities.
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NEVER TOO SMALL ep.13 27m2 タイニーアパートの設計 - Darlinghurst Apartment

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