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So I was on a facebook group the other day
talking about diving equipment (because that's what i like to do)
When someone said about my dive computer
Sunnto Zoop. Bigest POS out there
Had them on our rental fleet, never again
I love my suunto Zoop
i've own a vyper
a gekko
a suunto D4i
and this one the orange one
So i thought i would do a video because ia am a bit tired of repeating myself
about why I like this computer
this is not the more recent version
I think they got a Suunto Zoop Novo
that can be multiple colors
Back on my days it was orange or black
this is nicolas one, this is mine
I have very small wrist
so i could not take a dive computer
that could double as a watch
I used to have the d4i and is was super big on my wrist
the Zoop... is big but so big that you won't carry it as a watch anyway
I think it is a very good computer either for
beginers or dive professionals
I knew someone who dive (professionnaly) for 15 years and still uses a zoop
It does nitox, it does regular dives with 21% oxygen
It doesn't do trimix, but I don't think you will need it ofter
Due to its size it has a big screen so you can see everything underwater
I don't have a prescription mask so i need to remove my glasses when i dive
and I can't really see
if it's a small screen so it is very good for me
It has a very low price, we bought ours in a special discount
... buddy stuff....
so it costs us about 90€ each
witch is not that expensive for a dive computer
before we get into the menus I would like to say
that i used to have a protective screen that you can see on this one
I don't have it on mine because it used to fog underneath it
and you could'nt see anything on the screen
I don't know why mine did that
but that's one of the reasons why i don't have it anymore
last thing I want to say is that
this part is very long if you have very small wrist like mine
I think they corrected that on the novo wich is very good but...
the (mumble) goes over the dive computer
So i always grab it there
but it still... yeah... it still come back
to that one of the big issure for me
I could cut it I guess... i might do that...
I am a bit scared of cutting things but...
So as for the dive computer itself
obviously it would turn on automatically when you go in the water
So all you have to do is press in this button
this is the dive computer itself
it does gives you the depth of your dive
the percentage of oxygen, I am on 21%
and the dive time right there
one thing that i don't realy like is that only you have
three little buttons there that are really hard to push sometimes
especially if you have
done a cold dive, your fingers are a bit tired
it can be hard to push these buttons
If you want to see your logbook, you just press mode
there is 3 options in my memory
and this is my logbook
so this was my last dive, so I select this one
and then you can see what i have done during my dive
it was on Chartres I think, there is a video, that you can see, there
I dove for 45 minutes
and you can see there that they have a slow... bit
that means I ascended too quickly
you will see how quick you go on that...
gauge over there
when you are on the white it is good, on the yellow, you are a bit too quick
and red you definitely are too quick
speaking of the battery
you can see it there
you can do it yourself, my neighbook did it himself,
you just need to check
if it's still (hit the microphone) properly fitted
or you can go on a dive center, suunto is a pretty comon company
so you won't have any issue finding one
you also have the set mode wich
allows you to set
some... parameters
so for example the model
i can choose to be on nitrox or on air
i can set alarms
so if i do a dive
longer than 30 minutes i can get an alarm
i won't do that because i usually go longer than
30 minutes
you can have a depth alarm
i set it at 40 meters wich is the maximim i am allowed to
take people with me so i would set it on
i can set...
so if i need to set the time because i am traveling
so here you go this is a quick tour of my dive computer
as i said i had it for...
5 years now
most dive centers will have this one to rent if you want to try it
so i hope you've liked this video
that you learned things, that if you didn't like the
you will like it now
if you still don't, let me know in the comment section why
tell me if you have another dive computer and why you like it as well
and feel free to share it with your friend that is asking for
diving computer recommandation, i realy like this one
before buying go and rent some stuff to know
wich one you are more comfortable with
but this one is very easy to use
it has a lot of options
subscribe if you want to see more travelling and scuba diving videos
and i hope to see you next time! bybye!


Why I love my Suunto Zoop | Crazydivers

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