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  • I'm mostly looking for flexibility, since I am a working professional.


  • I think the network is a huge factor.


  • I feel like an MBA for me is a second chance.

    私にとって MBA は二度目のチャンスだと感じています。

  • Is an MBA worth it?

    MBA にはそれだけの価値がありますか?

  • It's a question that many prospective students, like these, are asking themselves.


  • Until recently, getting an MBA was considered a relatively safe bet, one likely to yield a big bump in salary.

    最近まで、MBA を取得することは比較的安全な賭けであり、給与の大幅な上昇をもたらす可能性が高いと考えられていました。

  • But in recent years, applications to programs across the country are down.


  • Why, that's not entirely clear.


  • Some point to the strong economy, others to rising costs.


  • But what is certain is that schools are beginning to change as a result.


  • The Questrom School of Business at Boston University, ranked 36th last year among two year MBA programs, recently made headlines when it announced an alternative to its, roughly, $55,000 a year Residential Program.

    ボストン大学のケストロムビジネススクールは、2 年間の MBA プログラムの中で昨年 36 位にランクされましたが、最近、年間約 55,000 ドルの学内履修に代わるものを発表した際に注目を集めました

  • A new online MBA had a ticket price far lower than its competitors.

    新しいオンライン MBA のチケット価格は、競合他社のものよりもはるかに低くなっています。

  • We plan to launch in the Fall of 2020 an MBA degree priced at 24,000 and available only online on the edX platform.

    2020 年の秋に、edX プラットフォームでオンラインでのみ入手可能な MBA の学位を、24,000 で取得する予定です。

  • It's an MBA degree, but the product is completely different than what you would get in the full time MBA, on campus.

    それは MBA の学位ですが、商品はキャンパスでフルタイム MBA を受講し取得するものとはまったく違います。

  • It's a completely different product designed for a different audience that has different lives, different needs, so they don't have six years experience, they have beyond 10 years experience.

    それは、異なる生活やニーズを持つ違った次元の人向けに設計された別の商品であるため、 6 年ではなく、10 年以上の経験をつ人向けになっています。

  • They're much more seasoned, and the MBA allows them to advance in the career they're in.

    彼らははるかに経験豊富であり、MBA は彼らのキャリアをより進歩させることを可能にします。

  • One of the challenges your facing, and many business schools are facing nation wide, decline in applicants.

    あなたが直面している課題の 1 つですが、多くのビジネススクールは全国的に志願者の減少しています。

  • Yes, nation wide the applications for MBA are down.

    そうです、MBA の申込者は全国的に減少しています。

  • They've been down at different levels in different schools for almost five years now.

    現在ほぼ 5 年間に渡り、さまざまな学校のさまざまなレベルで減少しています。

  • What about your school?


  • We were down as well, but not as significantly as others.


  • How much were you down?


  • In the MBA we were down, this year, 18%.

    MBA では、今年は 18% 減少しました。

  • The school's dean, Susan Fournier, says, "Her MBA program was able to fill its incoming class "with qualified students."

    学校の学部長であるスーザン・フルニエは、「彼女の MBA プログラムは「資格のある学生で」次のクラスを埋めることができた」と述べています。

  • But, she also saw a need for something new.


  • I was curious was Questrom's current full-time students thought about this declining interest in their degrees.


  • How many of you are confident that five years from now it'll have been worth it?

    いったい何人の人が、今から 5 年後に価値があると確信していますか?

  • Meet Nari, Airian, Michael, Carolyn, Saeid and Danesh.

    ナリ、アイリアン、マイケル、キャロリン、サイード とダニッシュに会ってみました。

  • Each of these full-time Questrom students has a different background and a different career goal, but they're all confident that their MBA degree will help them take their careers to the next level.

    フルタイムのケに通うストロム学生は、それぞれ異なるバックグラウンドとキャリア目標を持っていますが、MBA の学位が彼らのキャリアを次のレベルに引き上げるのに役立つとフルタイムのケに通うストロム学生は、それぞれ異なるバックグラウンドとキャリア目標を持っていますが、MBAの学位が彼らのキャリアを次のレベルに引き上げるのに役立つと 確信しています。確信しています。

  • Do you ever have moments when you ask yourself, is it worth it?


  • - Yes I do. - Saeid, you do?

    - はい、ありますよ。 -サイード、あなたは?

  • Yeah, it's because the opportunity cost for me is really high.


  • You're a doctor.


  • Yeah, I had those moments, but when I sit in a class and I hear some new concepts, some new lessons, and it's like eye opening to me, wow, this is what this happen to us, or this what, this is happening.


  • I just say, this is the right time to be here, this is the right place for you.


  • Carolyn, you've never questioned whether it's worth it or not?


  • When I hear conversations like this, I think a lot of it depends on where you were before, and it sounds like some people were really in a job that they really saw themselves in and felt deeply entrenched.


  • For me I really wanted a big change, and I didn't know what that change would be, so I feel like I was the perfect person to leave and be excited about being here to reset and relearn.

    私にとって本当に大きく変わりたかったけど、どもどう変わればいいのかわからなかったのですが、 再度新た学ぶことに興奮することに最適と感じています。

  • Today, Questrom also offers a variety of specialized MBAs.

    現在ケストロムでは、さまざまな専門的な MBA も提供しています。

  • There's the Social Impact MBA, the MBA plus MS in Digital Technology, and the Health Sector MBA.

    ソーシャルインパクト MBA や MBA と MS デジタルテクノロジー、および健康関連部門の MBA があります。

  • Half way through my undergraduate degree in biochemistry I realized I didn't wanna do the academic thing, but I did wanna make an impact in the health sector in life sciences.


  • And so I thought, the best way of doing that was to kind of, follow the money.


  • As an engineer, you're limited in your career choices.


  • As an engineer MBA, the door opens.

    エンジニア MBA としての、ドアが開かれます。

  • And so now I have the technical expertise and I know how it translates into the dollar math.


  • Have you all heard about the online program that BU just announced?

    BU が発表したばかりの、オンラインプログラムについてご存知ですか?

  • You know it's not gonna cost quite as much as what you're paying for here at the residential program?


  • Do you feel like, if that was offered to you as an alternative, would you have said, I'm gonna stay at home, save some money.


  • I was considering going to an online program when I was applying, but decided against it for a few reasons.


  • One is, definitely the experience.


  • You get to actually meet people.


  • It's a huge part of the value that I saw in the degree.

    それは 学位の価値を見た時の大部分を占めます。

  • When they start offering MBAs to people through an online program, does that dilute the value of your degree?

    オンラインプログラムを通じて人々に MBA を提供し始めることで、学位の価値を弱めますか?

  • It's something I'm concerned about, but having a more specialized degree, having it specifically in health sector, I think it helps me a little bit more.


  • You're here because you wanna get more than just the education out of it, and that's the biggest thing that sets the regular MBA from the online MBA part.

    あなたがここにいるのは、単なる教育以上のものを手に入れたいからです。それが、オンラインMBAに一部から通常の MBA を立ち上げる最大の理由です。

  • In terms of academic knowledge that one gains through a residential program, the two year program, can you get all that in an online program?

    2 年間のプログラムである通常の課程を通じて得られる知識に関しては、オンラインプログラムでもすべてを得ることができますか?

  • You won't get the ability to go deep and to specialize.


  • Can you learn leadership in an online course?


  • - Yes. - You can?

    - はい。 - あなたにはできます?

  • Yes, but you can't go as deep as you might if you took a whole other year and took nothing but leadership courses.


  • Is this a good time to be a dean of a business school?


  • It's really a test for how to manage a business.


  • This is a business.


  • It is a business, and you know, we provide products that meet people's needs and the market is very, it's very dynamic.


  • By dynamic you mean there's less demand right now?


  • No, dynamic meaning it's evolving a lot.


  • It's challenged in some ways.


  • There are some cultural trends that challenge business, overall, challenge higher ed, so you really have to know the astute business analysis of your case.


  • I'd say 50 years ago, you know, you had two products, an undergrad, an MBA, you were good to go.

    50 年前には 2 つの商品、学部生と MBA があり行って良かったと思っています。

  • Some schools today have one product.

    今日の一部の学校では、1 つの商品だけです。

  • We have 10 products, because the market is very complex.

    私たちには 10 の商品がありますが、それは市場が非常に複雑だからです。

I'm mostly looking for flexibility, since I am a working professional.


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