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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origin 75. The weird origin today "zombie. " Okay.

  • Let's take a look at the note here. Today, a zombie is supposed to be a dead person

  • in some religions who looked and behaved like he or she is alive through magic.

  • Even though most of us probably think it as just fantasy from sci-fi from these ... a

  • horror movie, some horror movies having these characters, especially in recent

  • years. They've got carried away with zombie movies and zombie stories and

  • they've actually changed zombies a lot from the very beginning. But let's

  • continue., for now. We do have a second meaning of zombie. Sometimes referred to

  • as a real person. Its a more humorous one. If the person

  • is really overtired and they're exhausted and their head is not very

  • sharp that day, usually people say I'm a real zombie today or I feel like a

  • zombie today. So, so we do use that meaning too , usually in a humorous way. Of

  • course, not meaning that you are literally a zombie. All right. Let's

  • continue here. Out of all the typical horror movie creatures you know, such as

  • vampires, werewolves, Frankenstein, etc. zombies are the only ones based on some

  • truth. Okay. The origin of the word comes from the

  • West African languages. I think around the Congo area if I remember correctly.

  • The word meaning " zumbi" meaning a fetish and" zombi "meaning god, originally

  • from a snake God. So and then of course you know this worked its way into the

  • Voodoo religion. So let's continue here. Zombie comes from the religion of Voodoo.

  • You know, like we always hear about voodoo dolls. Well they're they're the

  • ones that's connected to zombies too. Some voodoo priests known as bokors or a

  • bokor. This type of voodoo priests. So I don't know, if all voodoo priests do

  • this, but ones that have that have done this practice is referred to as a bokor.

  • So bokors used a concoction. A concoction is like a strange mixture, of herbs,

  • shells, fish, animal parts, bones and some objects that they

  • made into a powder. The key poisonous substance was tetrodotoxin from the

  • deadly pufferfish or the Blowfish. You know remember that's, that's that fish

  • you have to be a special chef to learn how to cook because you might

  • accidentally poison your customers. If a bokor used sub-lethal... Well you know,

  • below you know, not enough to kill you but sub-lethal doses on an enemy, it

  • caused symptoms similar to a zombie. Okay, such as mental confusion, you know, you're

  • kind of like in a fog. Kind of like that slowness and difficulty walking and

  • breathing. All right. In this case, it could lead to a temporary paralysis in which

  • they could be buried in a grave and revived a few days later. So this is what

  • some of these you know, evil sort of voodoo priests, the bokers did. I think

  • they did it to scare their other enemies. Like showing look what, look what I

  • could do to somebody. Where the average people thought this person actually died.

  • He looked dead. You know, I think it slowed down your heart rate and

  • everything else to the point where they buried them and then suddenly like three

  • or four days later, you see the person walking around again. But now they're,

  • they're practically kind of ... I think there was some brain damage. You know,

  • with the slowness and not not one that they recover from. Not just from

  • tiredness. You know, they might have walked around like (groaning sounds ) kind of like

  • that. In a fog and that's what the original zombies were more like in the

  • first zombie movies. Okay. So let's continue here. Yeah. In 1968 the director,

  • George Romero started to popularize the idea of zombies in his movie " Night of

  • the Living Dead" and then he made a few more after that too. But he took the

  • original idea of the real zombie. You know, somebody that was you know, dug out

  • of a grave. You know, now of course Hollywood added a lot of things.

  • Zombies have never been able to you know, eat people's skulls. They

  • actually say even if there was such a thing as a zombie. The human jaw is not

  • strong enough to bite through a skull and eat human brains. So, so of course that

  • part is total fantasy. And nowadays with the zombie movies, they've completely

  • changed. The original zombie movie ... the original zombie could barely move. He

  • was walking very slowly like this and that. Now they can run. They can speed.

  • They can chase after you. So Hollywood has really you know, given some zombies

  • practically like superpowers now. So they changed a lot over time. But this is

  • really where zombie really comes from. So there's some truth based to it. But you

  • know, Hollywood you know, added a lot of stuff too. Anyway, I hope you got it. I hope

  • you enjoyed it. I hope you found it informative. Thank you for your time. Bye-

  • bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Word Origin 75. The weird origin today "zombie. " Okay.


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