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  • - Water is just such an amazing medium.

  • You can just see the crystals and how they

  • form in so many different ways and then take that

  • and extrapolate it to these huge cliffs.

  • What we do here is create spray ice

  • and probably make over 300 different climbs.

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  • My name is Alexander Bianchi, and I'm an ice farmer.

  • We're down here in the Uncompahgre Gorge.

  • We have a water system at the top of the Gorge.

  • We use galvanized steel shower heads.

  • And it basically just sprays water out over the cliffs

  • and overnight when it's cold, it forms ice along the cliffs.

  • What we really want is a nice, clean surface

  • for the new water to come down and just keep

  • building off of that so a lot of what we do here

  • actually is repel down a lot of these faces and just try

  • to clear that snow off, ready for the next layer.

  • There's about two miles of ice if you walk the

  • bottom of the canyon and yeah,

  • we farm ice all along the top of it.

  • Being an ice farmer is kinda hard work.

  • We're gonna open up the south valve.

  • Sometimes I think we're no

  • more than like glorified plumbers.

  • Ice farming is and our engineering.

  • I mean, the two I think are always inseparable.

  • Ya know, the engineering is the logistics.

  • How do we get water from point a to point b?

  • Sometimes if the valves aren't cracked quite enough,

  • you get a little bit of a freeze up.

  • The water just doesn't get through the valve.

  • The remedy is a blow torch. (flames engulfing)

  • I mean, on the artistic side is once we have

  • this water where we need it, how can we do something different?

  • How can we make something interesting, ya know,

  • that we've never climbed before?

  • It's definitely an artistic process for some of us.

  • (exciting music)

  • I grew up rock climbing, ya know, fair weather climber.

  • The first time I came out here was just kind of blown away.

  • It's so different than rock climbing.

  • I mean, you're climbing a transient medium.

  • The rock is always gonna be there, this ice

  • is not always there so it creates this diversity

  • and, um, this intense experience that I really

  • don't find in other facets of climbing.

  • And that's why I'm proud to do what I'm doing.

  • (exciting music)

(exciting music)


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だから冷やかし。コロラドのアイスファーマー (So Chill: The Ice Farmer of Colorado)

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