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- The Marvel Cinematic Universe is getting a sitcom?
(audience laughing)
Hi, I'm Jenny Lorenzo.
(laughs) That's right, I've decided to pronounce my name
with a hard G instead of a soft J going forward.
(audience laughing)
It's been a banner year for Marvel announcements
after being practically radio silent
for the past few years on upcoming MCU projects.
Kevin Feige and company finally laid out
all their cards on the table
about the future of Marvel movies
and their characters.
And while there were plenty of rumors and inside gossip
about some of the upcoming projects,
fans were delighted to get the official word
and details about some of these properties
at this year's Comic Con.
One of them most notably being the Disney Plus series
about Elizabeth Olsen as being Wanda Maximoff,
AKA Scarlet Witch, and Paul Bettany as The Vision,
called WandaVision, especially since
the last time we saw Vision,
ew, he was suffering from the world's worst migraine
at the hands to Thanos at the end of Avengers Infinity War.
(audience groaning)
But this is comic books, baby!
You think you're gonna let a little thing like death
stop Vision from staring in a tele-Vision show?
(audience laughing)
While we didn't learn the specifics
on how Vision will appear in the series,
we did get a bunch of other tidbits about WandaVision
at that info dump that was D23 this past weekend.
And one of the details revealed
was possibly the most shocking of all,
that WandaVision will be Marvel's first ever sitcom.
(audience laughing)
Well, hold on, hold your horses.
Because we're going to break all of this down right now.
First off, the series got this really cool poster
that actually has quite a few hints hidden beneath
the quaint Americana on the surface.
The warped edges of the frame,
the shadows on the wall,
and the ominous red glow from the television set
really hint that all is not well,
despite the smiling faces.
In fact, if you want all the details on this poster,
check out the break down of it over at nerdist.com.
The next clue we got was in the form of a teaser,
or rather a not-teaser, shown at D23.
The WandaVision team put together clips
of Wanda and Vision from existing Marvel movies
that were cut around scenes from the classic '60s sitcom,
The Dick Van Dyke Show.
It was also revealed that this old black and white sitcom
was a huge influence on the 1950s inspired WandaVision,
which honestly led to more questions
than answers at the time.
Lucky for us, this was partially cleared up
when the folks over at Yahoo got a hold
of the series stars Bettany and Olsen
to ask if this was, indeed, Marvel's first sitcom?
And they responded with, "Yes, it is.
"We can confidently say we're allowed to say it is."
Woo, well now wow.
We aren't used to actually getting straight answers anymore
with everything so shrouded in secrecy.
Maybe the joke is on us.
(audience laughing)
Olsen even said that the producers are still deciding
whether the show will have a laugh track.
(crickets chirping) That's weird.
Who does that?
Of course, there's an even bigger twist to all of this.
Bettany went on to say,
that is how it begins, and it moves
into more familiar, epic territory later,
but it's absolutely a mashup of sitcoms.
If this is, indeed, a mashup of different sitcoms,
which ones could we see pop up in WandaVision?
It seems safe to say that the Dick Van Dyke Show
will get an homage, but we're betting
that we could also see jokes and references
to sitcoms across TV history.
From The Honeymooners to Cheers,
to Seinfield, and even Friends.
But how does the currently deceased Vision
play into all of this, huh?
Obviously, Scarlet Witch is going to try
to recover Vision somehow,
and if the poster is any hint,
create a perfect life for them to share.
We think the answer has to do
with Scarlet Witch's comic book powers
of reality and probability warping,
and will definitely draw inspiration
from several comic storylines,
name the '80s West Coast Avengers run
that had Wanda use her powers to warp reality
in order to have children with Vision.
2015's The Vision, which had Vision creating
his own family in order to try and live
in idyllic suburban life,
and potentially the House of M mini series,
which saw Wanda warp all of reality
while dealing with the loss of her children.
(audience awing)
And guess what?
None of those things turned out too well for the heroes,
which paves the way for Bettany's statement
that the series starts as a sitcom
and moves into more familiar superhero territory
as the show goes on.
Also, with the show set to tie
into the Doctor Strange sequel,
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,
which will also feature Scarlet Witch,
another piece of the puzzle, tink,
falls into place.
That's me putting a puzzle piece back.
(audience laughing)
This could also just be in another universe.
That or Wanda's constant messing with reality
and probability could lead to a crisis
that stretches across the multiverse, bummer.
(audience awing)
We'll just have to see how and if this all happens
when WandaVision comes to Disney Plus sometime in 2021.
But what do you folks think?
Are you ready for Marvel's first sitcom?
Do you think it should have a laugh track?
Haha, and what sitcoms would you
wanna see referenced in WandaVision?
If we don't get at least one homage to The Office, we riot!
- I'm gonna kill myself!
- Let's discuss.
Thanks for watching,
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(intriguing music)


How Wandavision Will Be the MCU’s First Sitcom! (Nerdist News w/ Jenny Lorenzo)

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