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- [Narrator] Fourteen details revealed in
"The Mandalorian" trailer.
Disney's D23 Expo has come and gone,
but not before they unveiled a veritable smorgasbord
of info about all of the properties under their belt,
namely Star Wars.
There was a new look at "Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker"
and confirmation of an Obi Wan Kenobi series on Disney+.
Pulling out my inner Kip.
But one of the things that all Star Wars fans
seem to be super hyped about
is the first official trailer for the first ever
live action Star Wars television show,
"The Mandalorian."
The trailer was chock full of what
makes Star Wars so much fun-
interesting characters, alien vistas,
cool blaster fights, and hidden within the visuals
were fourteen details you may have missed
about the who's who in the world of the Mandalorian
and the state of the Star Wars galaxy.
So let's break it all down.
Of course, before we do,
we want to give you a slight spoiler warning
as we will be breaking down insider news and rumors
about the show which might upset a few of the diehard fans.
So if you are worried,
freeze yourself in carbonite until November.
Still here?
First up, the trailer opens pretty ominously
with busted storm trooper helmets mounted on spikes
in a desert city.
According to rumors, this will be everyone's
favorite Skywalker home world, Tatooine,
but there is no official confirmation of that yet.
But it's the shot that really sets the time
period that the show is set in.
According to executive producer, John Favreau,
it will take place five years after
the death of Emperor Palpatine in "Return of the Jedi."
This places the series about four years
after the Battle of Jakku,
where the empire for all intents and purposes
made their last stand and completely surrendered
to the New Republic.
Obviously things are more complicated
than that since the certain remnants of
the Empire rose again as the First Order
thirty years down the line.
But at this point,
the Empire is mostly done-zo and the locals
don't seem keen to have Imperials around.
Then we see the titular Mandalorian's ship.
The Razor Crest which is a dual engine
gun ship flying over a forest.
We see more of this planet later on in the trailer,
letting us know that the Mandalorian
will be hunting bounties all over the galaxy
and won't be sequestered to a single planet.
Honestly, this whole trailer is filled with
beautiful vistas and it's incredible to think
that this is all on the small screen.
It's insane.
Also, we were stoked to see the Razor Crest
battling it out in space.
It's high time we got some more
Star Wars-y epic space shoot-outs.
Pew pew.
Plus, John Favreau revealed at Celebration
this year that they used practical models
and effects to film the spaceships.
And oh my God, I am so thankful for that
because I'm all about the old school way of doing things.
And since the Mandalorian is a bounty hunter,
he meets up with his boss of sorts,
Greef Karga the leader of the bounty hunters guild
who is played by king of stews,
Carl Weathers.
- Baby, you got a stew going.
- [Jenny] The trailer also gives us our first glimpse
at Gina Carano as the mercenary, Cara Dune.
She's a former Rebel shock trooper
who fought against the Empire in the galactic civil war.
Since the fall of the Empire,
we can probably guess that she's finding
new people to fight because come on,
you don't hire Gina Carano to not beat people up on screen.
We then get a few glimpses of some
classic Star Wars aliens,
like ugnaughts and twi'leks,
and we know we will be getting other O.G.
creatures and aliens as well.
Fingers crossed for the kowakian monkey lizards
because Salacious Crumb's laughter is the best.
(alien laughs)
(Jenny sings) The best.
Next we see death troopers.
While these elite imperial troopers
have shown up in the animated series "Rebels"
their only live action appearance was
in 2016's "Rogue One."
But the important detail to note,
is how their clean and shiny armor
contrasts with the grimey storm trooper armor
we see later in the trailer.
The reason being is that these death troopers work
for Moff Gideon played by Giancarlo Esposito
of "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Sal".
Moff Gideon is a bit of an enigma for the Mandalorian.
He's definitely holding onto his imperial glory days,
but we don't know if he's trying to maintain
imperial order in the galaxy,
or if he's using his personal army to become
a war lord and take advantage of the lawless times.
In fact, Esposito himself told ET Canada
regarding Moff Gideon,
will he use his power for good or evil
is still a question.
Another question we have is who does this AT-ST work for?
We don't yet know,
but it's worth pointing out the stark differences
between well-dressed Moff Gideon versus
Werner Herzog's character, whose name is still unknown.
He's obviously ex-imperial and controls his own
storm troopers but they've got a much, much different vibe.
Side note, speaking of those storm troopers,
producers Favreau and Dave Filoni
brought in members of the 501st Legion,
the premiere fan organization that creates
screen accurate storm trooper costumes
to play storm troopers for real in the series.
I mean, how cool is that?!
But what do we learn about Pedro Pascal's
Mandalorian himself in the trailer?
One of the most evocative shots
is the Mandalorian reaching for his blaster.
Favreau first described the character as a gun slinger
and this shot is perfect encapsulation
of that Western movie vibe.
We also see the Mandalorian in action,
freezing his quarries in carbonite and capturing his prey.
And while this dude totally looks like
he's getting cut in half,
we don't think that's the case.
If you re-watch that sequence,
the Mandalorian ropes the dude,
then shoots the door controls to close the door,
and if he wanted him dead,
that's a lot more steps to take than just maybe you know,
shooting him?
But you know, cutting him in half is a lot cooler.
Finally, we wanted to end this on one of the things
that we're most excited for.
The killer droid IG-11
who is voiced by Thor Ragnorok director,
Taika Waititi.
- Over here.
The pile of rocks waving at you.
Yeah, I'm actually a thing.
I'm a being.
- [Jenny] A lot of fans have been confusing
this droid with IG-88,
the bounty hunter droid we see Vader hire
to find the Millennium Falcon in
"The Empire Strikes Back."
And they're not the only ones making that mistake
because apparently citizens within
the Star Wars Universe will do the same
and assume IG-11 is actually the much more famous IG-88.
So there you have it.
Fourteen details you may have missed,
but we're sure even more will be revealed
when the first episode of "The Mandalorian"
drops on Disney+ on November 12th.
But what do you folks think?
What aspect of "The Mandalorian" are you most excited for?
Do you think we'll ever get to see the Mandalorian
without the helmet or will they hide Pedro Pascal's
beautiful face the whole time?
And do you hope the other bounty hunters from
"The Empire Strikes Back" show up?
- Bounty hunters? We don't need that scum.
- Let's discuss.
That's me typing on a keyboard.
Thanks for watching!
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14 Details Revealed in The Mandalorian Trailer! (Nerdist News w/ Jenny Lorenzo)

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