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Alana: For me this year I really wanted to get some good surfing pictures
to show people that I actually can surf.
Ryan: The morning I went out to meet Alana, I didn't know what to expect
I'd never seen her surf in person.
I wouldn't say I had anything in mind, I wanted to get action.
A majority of the stuff of Alana is more lifestyle.
I've seen her surf good, so I was looking forward to this particular time
to get a little bit of action.
Any water photpography, at least for me, can be hit or miss.
So today I shot with a long lens, because it looked like it was spread out.
For me the higher percentage shot is essentially a land shot, but from the water.
I think everyone in the industy wants to deny her credit from surfing...
From what I've seen, at least in terms of you read these nonsense remarks
everyone chimes in and says 'model this' and 'model this' and not
surfing talent. I thought, style wise, her hands were good
and considering how challenging it was, she surfed really good.
I'm sure if we get good waves she'll surf even better.
After the surf session with Alana, the weather was looking really nice
It looked like it was gonna be a pretty sunset...
and we had a little time to do some lifestyle stuff.
To be honest, I was a bit anxious. It's not my bread and butter.
I'm more focused on action, and when I do shoot lifestyle
It's not with someone who does this as often as Alana.
You know modeling is not that easy...
And she does it really well, makes it really easy for me and I'm sure other photographers
And the easy-going attituted while we were shooting,
And overall fun vibe of the shoot. I gave her a lot of credit for that.
She does this day-in and-day out and it can be tiring, but she's very professional about it
Which is not as easy as it seems, being in front of the camera all day.
ALANA: I think that my surfing definitly gets thrown under the bus or something
But, you know, I can't think of it that way because if I didn't have my surfing
I wouldn't have modeling, and if I didn't have modeling I wouldn't have this big surfing thing
So it comes hand-in-hand, and I'm stoke on both. I just have to find a balance between it.


Alana Blanchard Oahu Surfing & Bikini Photo Shoots, Surfer Girl Ep. 204

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