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  • Out of all the real life locations used in the series Sailor Moon, Tokyo Tower is easily

  • the most famous and beloved by fans.

  • While in real life it may not be surround by constant lens flares and pink bubbles it

  • is still easily recognisable and is a must see for even the most casual anime fan.

  • Tokyo Tower can be reached from several train stations and their convenience really depends

  • on where you are coming from on that particular day.

  • Personally I recommend walking from Roppongi Station as this will give you the opportunity

  • to visit the anime Sailor Mars Shrine and do some fantastic shopping in the Roppongi

  • Hills and Tokyo Midtown complexes before or after your visit to the Tower.

  • From Roppongi, Tokyo Tower is just a 15 minute walk downhill. There is no set route as Tokyo

  • Tower is kind of hard to miss.

  • To the older generation and nationalists Tokyo Tower represents Japan's strength as a nation

  • mostly due to the fact that one third of it is made up entirely of US tanks damaged in

  • the Korean War.

  • This fact is entirely lost on today's Japanese people though who simply think of it as a

  • romantic place to take a date. In fact a popular belief is that if you are looking at the tower

  • at the exact time it changes lighting colour, your wish will come true or your relationship

  • that you're in will last forever.

  • Tokyo Tower developed this "romantic" reputation due to the fact that it bares a remarkable

  • resemblance to France's Eiffel Tower, a fact not lost on many Western tourists who think

  • of it as a cheap, unimaginative, and even ugly imitation of an existing icon.

  • Due to it's prominence in popular anime series such as Card Captor Sakura, X1999, Magic Knight

  • Rayearth and of course Sailor Moon, however Tokyo Tower has very quickly become a popular

  • tourist destination for anime and manga fans of all ages and nationality.

  • The building at the base of the tower is split into several floors. The ground floor features

  • heaps of souvenir stores and restaurants though I HIGHLY recommend eating somewhere else in

  • Roppongi before or after you visit the tower as the outlets in the tower are very low in

  • quality and several cafes allow smoking.

  • The upper floors feature video game arcades which is a great way to experience another

  • aspect of Japanese culture.

  • There is also an outdoors section with rides for young children though unfortunately it

  • was closed when I visited.

  • Strangely, to get to the observation deck you have to buy a separate ticket from outside

  • the building near the bus stop on the ground floor.

  • This confuses almost everyone so don't feel embarrassed if you can't find it easily.

  • The view from Tokyo Tower really is amazing and gives you a chance to see a lot of famous

  • locations from a unique perspective.

  • The tower opened to the public on the 23rd of December 1958 and until 2010 was the tallest

  • building in Japan.

  • You can even see Mt. Fuji on clear days. If Mt. Fuji is what you want to see, make sure

  • you come during winter as the sky is much clearer than in summer which gives you almost

  • zero visibility.

  • There is a cafe on the observation deck though unfortunately, like the eateries downstairs,

  • I suggest avoiding this and eating elsewhere.

  • The cafe is a great place though to sit and wait for the sunset which looks spectacular

  • and to watch Tokyo transform

  • from day to night.

Out of all the real life locations used in the series Sailor Moon, Tokyo Tower is easily


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Sailor Moon's Tokyo Tower Travel Guide / 美少女戦士セーラームーンの東京タワー (Sailor Moon's Tokyo Tower Travel Guide / 美少女戦士セーラームーンの東京タワー)

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