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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 279. The title of today's lesson is

  • the difference between in the market for something and on the market. All right.

  • Let's look at the note here. If someone is in the market for something, he or she

  • wants to buy it or he or she is eager to have or possess it. So you're in the

  • market for it. You're looking for it. You're trying to get it. If yes, if

  • something is on the market, it is available for sale or purchase. We tend

  • to use this for more expensive things. Yeah. Like somebody is usually in the

  • market to like buy a house or buy a car or buy a scooter or a boat something like

  • that, especially something that you would probably put a for sale sign up for. So

  • somebody even realizes that your want to sell it. Then we say something is on the

  • market. Yeah good. For sale or purchase, we tend

  • yeah if someone is on the market. Yeah. So if we say a person is on the market, this

  • is often used as a joke. He or she is available for a romantic relationship.

  • Okay. So let's continue. Let's look at number one here. First example. Sally is

  • in the market for a motor home. She has been wanting to buy one, so her family

  • could travel to hang out in the countryside. All right. Yeah. So maybe she's

  • been shopping around looking for one. She's in the market for it. All right.

  • Let's look at number two. That antique dealer is always in the market for some

  • unique items. Yeah maybe some you know special antiques, that he thinks his

  • antique collectors would like to buy. You know try to find something different. So

  • he's always in the market for some antique items. All Right. Let's take a look

  • at number three. Tina is planning to put her house on the

  • market now. If you put something on the market, you let people know that it is

  • for sale. So this, this is also you know like I said usually larger items. In the

  • spring. Okay. So of course usually in this case you'd put like a for sale sign on

  • it to let the customer know that they can buy it.

  • And number four. Now that Rachel is divorced, she is on the market for a new boyfriend.

  • Again. This tends to be used , this is a humorous use , it means somebody is now

  • available you know to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. They're now on the

  • market again. You know especially after a divorce. Okay. Anyway, I hope it's clear. I

  • hope you got it. Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is lesson 279. The title of today's lesson is


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英語家庭教師ニックPレッスン(279) 市場と市場の違い (English Tutor Nick P Lesson (279) The Difference Between in the Market and on the Market)

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