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  • Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 160. The verb phrase today is to

  • knock out. We actually have 8 pretty common uses for knock out today and we

  • give examples for all of them. So let's look at the first one. The first meaning

  • is to exhaust or to tire out and when we use this one usually we will use a noun

  • or pronoun. You know, with it. So here's the first example that we're using. That

  • long hike really knocked the kids out. So it really tired them out. So maybe when

  • they came home that night, they slept very easily. Because this long hike

  • knocked them out. Or we have a second example for this one. One side effect of

  • this medicine is that it really knocks me out. If you have ever taken any medicine

  • and you get really tired as a side effect from the medicine, you could say

  • the medicine knocked you out. It's one side effect of the medicine. All right.

  • Here's the second one. To tell someone to go ahead or feel free to do something.

  • All right now here we only got one example, but we have a/b part. So A

  • says, Do you mind if I have a piece of cake ? And B says knock yourself out.

  • Have as much as you like. Enjoy yourself. So we often tell somebody to knock

  • yourself out doing something. So especially if somebody asks your

  • permission to do it. And you say "Yeah, feel free like be at home. Knock yourself

  • out. Have as much fun as you want. " Maybe someone will say can I play that video game ? Sure

  • knock yourself out. Have fun. Okay. Let's look at number 3 here. To make someone

  • unconscious. Okay. So the first example we have here is the champion boxer knocked

  • out his challenger. So this is like in a real boxing match. You can literally get

  • knocked out. Get hit and become unconscious. All right. The second one here

  • is I prefer they knock me out for the operation I don't want to be awake

  • through it. So in this case, you know, they're giving somebody a shot to make

  • them sleep. To make them become unconscious.

  • Okay. Good number four here. Basically means to

  • cause to stop working or operating. All right and the first example we have

  • for this one is, that storm knocked out the electricity. So it made the electricity

  • stop working and it'll maybe knock down some telephone wires or something

  • like that. And the second example we have for this

  • one is, too many people visited that website at the same time and knocked it

  • out. Yeah. Like in the sense that we would say like crashed the website. So we say

  • it knocked out the website. Okay. Number five. Eliminate from a sports competition.

  • Okay. Good. Yeah their loss knocked them out of the competition. You know, it could

  • be like you know, especially postseason, championship series. Maybe this lost

  • knocked them out. Now they're eliminated. That singer got knocked out in the last

  • round of that singing contest. Yeah. Like American Idol usually every week they

  • would knock somebody out. So somebody get eliminated every week. Okay. Number six

  • here. To hit hard and cause something to fall out. Okay. You say when he pushed

  • over that container , off the table and knocked out all the contents. Everything

  • that was in the container got knocked out. It got forced out. Okay. Good

  • number seven here. To complete something or produce something. All right. The first

  • example we have for this one is I am trying to knock out all the data entries

  • I have to do before lunch. So you're trying to get them all finished.

  • Okay and the second one we have for those. The night shift

  • knocked out 530 vans in eight hours. So they produced 530 vans in just eight

  • hours. So they knock them out. So this is another way that we use it. And the last

  • one here. Number eight has this meaning. To thoroughly impress or excite. You know

  • in some way. So let's look at the first example. The special

  • effects from that movie knocked me out. Like you were very impressed. I remember

  • when the first you know, Avatar movie came out. A lot of people said that the

  • special effects in that movie knocked them out. Okay and the last example we

  • have. Her performance knocked out the audience. Again they were very impressed.

  • They were very excited by her performance. That really she really

  • knocked them out. Okay. Great. I hope you got it. I hope it is clear. I hope you enjoyed it.

  • Thank you for your time. Bye-bye.

Hi this is Tutor Nick P and this is Verb Phrase 160. The verb phrase today is to


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