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  • today we are going to the pub and we're

  • going to do a quick functional english

  • episode in and around the pub

  • what's your tipple? What do you fancy?

  • pint of larger? Yeah, OK. Pint of Kronenbourge? OK. I'm gonna

  • ask what they've got on tap as well as I like

  • more more interesting beers so i'm going ask

  • what they have on tap .. and what does that mean?

  • it means what do they have in the barrels .. what can they

  • pull for a pint?

  • alright mate? Erm can I have a pint of Kronenbourge please? and..

  • what do you have on tap here? what do we have on tap?

  • Yeah, yeah.. have you got any like IPA (Indian Pale Ale) or anything? Abbot..Abbot?

  • Yeah I'll have an abbot please

  • now he's going to tell me how much it is

  • sorry how much?

  • £8. England prices...

  • well that's it two pints... this is an ale..

  • which is a beer without gas and it's very

  • popular in England...this is a larger

  • and this is a beer that has lots of gas and it's

  • quite typical right? for typical punters (people who drink in the pub frequently)...

  • like a Pilsner

  • that's a lovely pint.. we're in a typical pub in

  • England but if you look at the menu

  • you'll see that it's not full of

  • English food it's actually got food from

  • all over the world.. How's the wife?

  • not too bad...

  • yeah could be better but not too bad

  • so mate ermm how's the ball and chain?

  • err she's alright mate.. she's alright..How's errrr.. how's the other half..?

  • Charlie? she's actually getting on my tits a bit at the moment

  • oi mate.. how's the misses?

  • yes she's good man yes she's really well we err

  • went on holiday last week and..

  • yeah we're getting on really well and yeah

  • i really love err we're gonna

  • quickly explain about these sauces that

  • come with your pub grub

  • we've got the obvious mayonnaise

  • ketchup salt and pepper but we've also got one

  • that you don't normally see around the

  • world apart from in England or Britain .. HP

  • HPsauce now I realized it stands for

  • Houses of Parliament sauce and i'm going

  • to give Harry the ability to explain why

  • he loves the HP sauce so much because he

  • really does love it

  • oh oh I love HP sauce ..the reason i love it

  • so much is because it compliments savory

  • food really well especially chips and

  • full English breakfasts and eggs err omelets

  • it's a lovely sauce and it's kind of a

  • vinegary condiment with very rich

  • flavor and it's brown so some people

  • call itBrown Sauce and and you can buy

  • cheap alternatives but the real good one

  • is HP Houses of Parliament sauce and it's

  • very very English and I'm very proud of

  • this sauce so we got our plates now went

  • for the erm Ultimte Burger, didn't we Chaz?

  • we did indeed.. we went all out!

  • i'm going to put vinegar on them 'cos

  • all good British people use vinegar

  • on their chips

  • plenty of that on..

  • and then i've already put some salt on but

  • but I'll put a bit more on..

  • normally I'd go for bronw sauce but Brown sauce and

  • burgers..doesn't really... no?

  • so I'll probably leave the brown sauce..maybe I'll do a little bit to

  • show you what it looks like.. squeeze the bottle..that's why they call it brown

  • ermm and there's a lot of chips, but the chips look shit. Why do they look shit?

  • they just look like quite poor quality chips .. but anyway..

today we are going to the pub and we're


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HOW TO: イギリスのパブで英語を母国語とする人のようにビールを注文する (HOW TO: Order A Beer In A British Pub Like A Native English Speaker)

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