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- What formidable opponents will Loki face
for his Disney+ series?
Ever since Marvel's Hall H panel at San Diego Comic-Con,
we've been getting more and more snippets and details
about Marvel's upcoming slate of Disney+ shows,
and considering how vast the streaming offerings will be,
it seems that Kevin Feige and company
have burdened hungry fans with glorious purpose:
to sign up for Disney+.
Between "WandaVision", "Hawkeye", the Falcon and Bucky show,
Marvel's "What If...?", and "Loki",
Disney+ is positioning their catalog of shows
to be can't miss content,
and just last week, we learned some new info
about everyone's favorite slimy trickster god, Loki,
and his solo outing.
- Surprise.
- Since Loki's had a bit of a break from the MCU,
fans have been curious to hear more
about how his Disney+ show will play out.
Speaking with MTV News, Tom Hiddleston himself
spilled some details about Loki's spinoff.
So what exactly did we learn
about the staff-wielding prankster?
- Sir, please put down the spear.
- First of all, we learned that the "Loki" series
will have a six-episode run,
and we know from "Avengers: Endgame"
that the Loki we'll be seeing in "Loki"
is the Loki from The Battle of New York
who slipped away with the Tesseract.
That's right, the greasy bad boy
that you know and love will be back.
- Your savior is here.
- Get that silly redemption arc outta here.
However, the most interesting nugget we got from Hiddlestix
was in regards to who Loki might be
squaring off against in the show.
You have his specific gifts, his intelligence,
his treachery, his mischief, his magic,
and then seeing him come up
against more formidable opponents
the like of which he has never seen or known.
Formidable opponents, you say?
Do go on, Tom.
We have a few questions for you.
- Hey, hey, hey, hey, where are you going?
- So let's break down what exactly
formidable opponents might mean
and who they could be in the "Loki" series.
Now Marvel has a few different options
for Loki's formidable opponents,
and we know the show will need an antagonist of some kind,
and who better than some fellow Asgardians?
First up, Enchantress.
Enchantress is a magic-wielding Asgardian
who is often teaming up with the god of mischief
and Skurge The Executioner
but always has a bit of a crush on Thor.
Hey, we've all been there.
Enchantress's other powers include
manipulation and deception.
The other possible Asgardian we might see Loki face
is Angela, Asgard's assassin.
Angie is fairly new to the Marvel comics
but is already making waves
being a fierce warrior and daughter of Odin herself.
More sibling rivalry is always a good thing in the MCU.
Just look at how well-received
Cate Blanchett's Hela was in "Thor: Ragnarok".
Moving on to some other potential gods.
We could also see the inclusion of other Marvel mythologies
breaking into the "Loki" series.
Namely the Greek heroes Hercules or Ares.
Both of these gods are well-established in the comics
and have both been Avengers
at one point or another in the books,
and as you can imagine, Hercules is the more heroic god
and would likely seek to end Loki's fun,
but much like Loki himself, Ares likes to be
on both sides of the fight between good and evil.
So he could prove to be an ally or a foe of Loki's
depending on the scenario.
Another hero team-up Loki could wind up facing off against
is Hank Pym and Janet van Dyne,
a.k.a. the original Ant-Man and The Wasp.
We've heard previously that Loki
will do a bit of time traveling
thanks to the newly-retconned abilities of The Space Stone,
and we've seen from concept art
that Loki will be popping up in the 1970s at some point
which is right around when Hank and Janet
were at the peak of their micro-research.
Seeing Loki take on potentially de-aged versions
of Michael Douglas's Hank and Michelle Pfeiffer's Janet
is definitely a possibility
knowing how much Marvel likes to use that tech.
Plus, Loki, Hank Pym, and Janet van Dyne
have a bit of history in the comics.
In the first "Avengers" issue back in 1963,
Loki's evil scheming leads to the creation of The Avengers
and ends with Ant-Man trapping Loki in a lead-lined tank
which prompts The Wasp to suggest
the superhero team call themselves The Avengers.
So there is precedent for these characters
to interact from the comics.
- An ant has no quarrel with a boot.
- Last but not least, Loki could possibly
come to blows with The Wrecking Crew.
If you don't wanna pull out your long boxes,
The Wrecking Crew are a group of villains
who are a constant thorn
in both Thor and The Avengers' sides.
The roster of The Wrecking Crew consists of Bulldozer,
Piledriver, Thunderball, and the Wrecker.
Each member uses different abilities
granted from Asgardian magic to, well, wreck
anything and everything that gets into their way.
Seeing the crew in the "Loki" series
has additional potential because the Wrecker
wields an Asgardian crowbar which was gifted to him
because he was mistaken for Loki at one time.
Plus, the crew's costumes would definitely fit
into the previously-mentioned 1970s aesthetic.
Of course, this is all just speculation for now.
Marvel could even choose to create
some totally original opponents for Loki to fight.
- I'm listening.
- Whatever option they choose,
it is exciting that we'll get to see
more of Loki's misadventures very, very soon,
but what do you folks think?
What hero or villain would you like
to see Loki battle in the series?
Which Disney+ show are you most excited to see?
And do you prefer bad Loki or good Loki?
What are we talking about?
Every Loki is great Loki.
- This will be such fun.
- Let's discuss.
Thanks for watching.
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What “Formidable Opponents” Will Loki Face for His Disney+ Series? (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

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