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  • Marc Luber: Hey everyone welcome to Careers Out There. I'm your host Marc Luber and we're

  • helping you find a career that fits you. Today we're looking at business to business sales

  • and the importance of applying sales techniques that make your sales process a consultative

  • one regardless of what product you're selling. Our guest has a lot of great experience successfully

  • selling high-end technology products. He's a commercial sales manager at a major global

  • solar energy company. Here we go!

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  • Marc Luber: OK, I want to go back to when you were talking about sales and how it’s

  • a consultative process, it’s not shoving anything down anyone’s throat, it’s not

  • meeting with the wrong person and getting in their face. I was in sales for years, either

  • in technology or as a recruiter. Recruiting is a 2-way sales process. People often don’t

  • understand sales. And it is a listening process and a consulting process. Youre there to

  • help the other person, isn’t that right?

  • Erik Bakke: Absolutely right. If you don’t learn right from the beginning, that you need

  • to shut up and listen, ask open-ended questions, get people talking, encourage them to tell

  • you more about their issues, their problems, and what’s exciting, what theyre measured

  • on, who is in their organization. You need to learn so many things about, especially

  • in business-to-business sales, you need to learn so many things about the decision-making

  • process in that organization before you can even begin to have a strategy or a tactic

  • that will make any sense to get you the order. Otherwise, youre just getting lucky if

  • youre making sales. You really are, just getting lucky otherwise. You need to find

  • ways to help that individual who is either evaluating your product and will consult the

  • decision maker within their organization or you need to get to the decision maker to help

  • them decide quickly that you are the right choice. And that there’s a win in it for

  • them not only as an organization but usually you have to find out what it is personally

  • for that individual or group of individuals. What is it that will propel them in there

  • either their own self esteem or their personal goals - within that organization

  • will help them to rise or gain stature. So it really is about so much more than just

  • the great features that your product has and slapping them up on a power point and showing

  • oh, this is why, these are all the great things, and these are the bad things that my competitor

  • does. That’s a start, and you know, you need to have some of that, but you should

  • have that in a flier that you could leave behind. You should spend more time listening,

  • understanding what’s important to that particular individual and his boss.

  • Marc Luber. Very good advice. All right, you guys can see Erik talk more about sales, solar

  • energy and the different career opportunities in solar by going to Careers Out There dot

  • com. Thanks again for watching. I'm Marc Luber. I look forward to seeing you at the site.

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Marc Luber: Hey everyone welcome to Careers Out There. I'm your host Marc Luber and we're


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