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  • Let's begin with the Play.

  • Hail Sri Ram.

  • Brother. Mother Sita is nowhere to be seen.

  • - Sita. - Mother.

  • Lord.

  • Lord, you are back.

  • - Hail.. - Mother Sita.

  • Your mother went through an awful lot of trouble to have you.

  • But you love to dress up like Sita or Radha.

  • Do you have any idea how much debt I'm under?

  • You have borrowed money from everyone except the blood bank.

  • "Once you're on my mind I can't stop thinking about you."

  • Sir we middle-class people are the best.

  • I know Croatia work.

  • I can make a dancing peacock on a sweater.

  • I can do anything except for getting pregnant.

  • Please give me a chance.

  • To get pregnant?

  • Hire me.

  • Hello..Puja speaking.

  • What happened? Don't you like my voice?

  • You do, don't you? Then..

  • to me.

  • You'll like me even better, my lover boy.

  • "For you, my heart rings all day like a telephone."

  • "For you, my heart rings all day like a telephone."

  • Puja speaking!

  • - What do you do? - Poet.

  • No..poet.

  • Are they different?

  • All men are dogs.

  • In fact, I would strip them off their clothes and throw then under a bulldozer.

  • Throw them under a bulldozer..

  • ..but why strip them first?

  • Naughty girl.

  • - Let's hear something. - Really?

  • Of course..

  • Why weren't you answering your phone?

  • I was bathing.

  • Alone?

  • No, I always bathe in groups. The entire neighborhood is in there with me.

  • I wish I lived in your neighborhood too.

  • It's hard to decide whether I am the groom or the bride.

  • You'll look awesome in a bridal dress.

  • I will marry only Puja.

  • - I love Puja. - But I love Puja.

  • If anyone tries to come between me and Puja, I will kill him.

  • Who is Puja?

  • Why is everyone chanting his name?

  • Puja.. (Veneration)

  • Don't scare me like this. Couldn't you just tell me directly?

  • But Puja is important.

  • "Radhe-Radhe.."

  • How long will you keep exploiting women against her will?

  • If there was 'Me too' during Mahabharata..

  • guys would've been the first to be arrested.

  • "Radhe-Radhe.."

  • "Without you love has no meaning."

  • Hey lover boy.

  • Daughter-in-law?

  • - Take a sip, grandma. - Huh..

  • I mean greetings, grandma.

  • - What are you doing? - Watering the plants?

  • "Radhe-Radhe.."

  • "Without you love has no meaning."

  • Love you, Puja.

  • I cannot live without you.

  • What?

  • Is it you, Puja?

  • If you call Puja then Diana Penty won't answer your call?

  • Penty.

  • You didn't hear I said Diana, you dog.

Let's begin with the Play.


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