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The on-again-off-again couple that's generated relationship-related headlines for nearly
a decade finally called it quits on their marriage that lasted less than a year.
Was there an epic blowout, or is this just par for the course for Miley Cyrus and Liam
Here are a few reasons why we think they split.
In the May/June 2019 issue of GQ Australia, Hemsworth admitted that while he and Cyrus
wanted, quote, "10, 15, maybe 20 kids" eventually, the newlyweds weren't in a rush to breed a
brood just yet.
"It's all wonderful, and I feel very lucky to be with her."
Sources told Radar Online in July 2019 that the couple planned to rebuild their new home
on the same plot of land as the Malibu mansion they shared before it burned down in the wildfires
of 2018, and that they were intent on raising children there once everything settled down.
However, shortly after the news of their split broke, an insider told the site,
"He wanted babies, and she just didn't anymore."
Often the simplest explanation is the one most likely to be true.
If that's the case, then Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may have simply grown apart due
to time spent away from one another for work and other commitments.
Or maybe it was Liam's singing?
Yeah, yeah!
It's the party in the U.S.A!
Yeah, yeah!
Hey Miley!
A source explained to E! News that they'd been, quote, "drifting apart" and trying to
work out their differences for a while before calling it quits, saying,
"They have been trying to make it work for months now but haven't felt they were connecting
on the level they were feeling when they got married last year...It's been a rough year."
The source noted that Hemsworth wanted the lowkey, homebody lifestyle to which they'd
grown accustomed, whereas Cyrus was eager to go on tour and release new music, which
takes her away from home often, pointing out that she's been spending a lot of time in
Miley Cyrus was reportedly "ecstatic" to marry Liam Hemsworth until the realities of traditional
marriage set in, which allegedly sent her running for the hills.
Cyrus explained to Elle in July 2019,
"I mean, do people really think that I'm at home in a f---ing apron cooking dinner?
I'm in a hetero relationship, but I still am very sexually attracted to women...I made
a partner decision.
This is the person I feel has my back the most.
I definitely don't fit into a stereotypical wife role.
I don't even like that word."
She also told Vanity Fair that being queer was a big part of her identity, and claimed
that she and Hemsworth were "redefining" heterosexual marriage, but didn't specify how.
Now, there may be a clue.
Sources close to the singer allege that part of what led to the demise of their young union
was Cyrus' fear of being tied down.
An insider told Radar Online that Cyrus was the one who pulled the plug on the brief marriage,
"She said she wanted an open relationship.
She wasn't ready for just one person for forever."
The night before Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth announced they were separating, photos were
published of her with Brody Jenner's ex, Kaitlynn Carter, kissing and canoodling on vacation
in Italy.
Jenner and Carter split just weeks before Cyrus and Hemsworth announced their own separation.
A source told People that Carter and Cyrus share mutual friends and are, quote, "just
having fun."
However, a witness told Entertainment Tonight that Carter and Cyrus weren't trying to be
discreet at all, dishing that they were in full view of everyone at the pool.
The spy revealed,
"They were fully on a date, getting drinks, just the two of them.
They even got a couple of massages at the hotel."
Another spy told E! News,
"They were never far from each other and every few minutes they would pull each other in
close and make out under their hats.
They seemed to be having a lot of fun together and fully letting loose.
They couldn't keep their hands off of each other.
They pulled their chairs closer together and would reach across to hold hands or put their
arms around each other."
Some reports have claimed that Liam Hemsworth's family isn't a huge fan of Miley Cyrus.
Sources told Us Weekly that Hemsworth's brothers, Chris and Luke, staged an intervention to
get Liam to end their engagement in April 2013.
Another source told OK!
Australia after their separation in August 2019,
"[Miley] didn't really want to get married.
It's something that everyone else seemed to get but Liam.
[His] family had been begging him to see the light for a long time, but he had faith in
Now he feels like an idiot."
"What does a dance number look like between the two of you?"
"Like this!"
"Don't do it.
Don't do it."
I don't know."
An insider also told Radar Online that Hemsworth is "heartbroken" by Cyrus' apparent rebound
romance with Carter, adding that, quote, "his family cannot believe she is flaunting this
for the world to see.
They think she's a disgrace."
For her part, Cyrus is taking the split in stride, calling it just part of her "evolution."
While in the Alps, Cyrus wrote on Instagram on August 11th,
"Don't fight evolution, because you will never win.
Like the mountain I am standing on top of, which was once underwater, connected with
Africa, change is inevitable.
The Dolomites were not created overnight, it was over millions of years that this magnificent
beauty was formed.
My dad always told me, 'Nature never hurries but it is always on time.'…
it fills my heart with peace and hope KNOWING that is true.
I was taught to respect the planet and its process and I am committed to doing the same
with my own."
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The Real Reason Miley And Liam Split After Marriage

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