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  • I can't lose an American Revolution challenge to a British guy

  • As you all can see we are at the blacksmith shop

  • And Peter Francisco was actually a blacksmith's apprentice at 16 years old

  • He was the mule he moved all the heavy stuff. So that is our challenge today for today's challenge

  • we have to pick up and carry four anvils ranging and weight from 75 to

  • 250 pounds into the blacksmith shop and place them on any of the open pedestals

  • We're gonna turn around run and grab two bundles of Steel which each weighed

  • 250 pounds

  • Pick him up first guy to get the metal to the blacksmith wins

  • So you guys can imagine as a kid how strong he would have gotten

  • Moving heavy objects like anvils and steel rods around all day. I got to be careful

  • This guy's cuz you know, I have a box set last week. Yeah

  • How's it feeling sore? Are you gonna be able to even do this? Yeah, I'll give it a shot

  • So these steel rods to right around?

  • 250 pounds of each hand

  • Yeah, as you can see the pickup is not gonna be high at all, so weird stiff leg dead lifting

  • 500 pounds and it's probably a deficit as well when you're in the gym and do a normal deadlift

  • The bar height is at 9 inches. So anything below 9 inches is considered to be a deficit

  • Row that's that's more than 250. All right guys, well enough playing around you ready to suit up and do this. Yeah. I'm ready

  • All I know is that I can't lose an American Revolution challenge to a British guy on your mark

  • Get back Robert

  • sad dope

  • That started off great I did two anvils at once which really put me in a nice lead I

  • Automatically went for the heaviest one. I couldn't pick a rock straight from the forks. I'm so scared of hurting my arm

  • So I put it on top of the other ban anvils picked it up nice and low and then went for the kill. I

  • Chose to do the heaviest anvil first for the simple fact is running less distance

  • My strategy was to put the heaviest samples on the pedestals that were closest to me in the blacksmith shop

  • Eddie and I have been butting heads forever. I can't remember a time when we weren't rivals

  • It's kind of like he's the English villain and I'm obviously the American hero

  • He's like a really chubby version of Jason Statham and I'm a way prettier version of the rock

  • My bicep the farmers walks were quite heavy and very unstable ground so you had to take your time got to be careful

  • Where you were stepping and I put mine up and went to go and open Skype him away

  • He jumped out the way but actually in doing so jump back into my way and ended up hitting Oberst in the ass

  • It hurt my arm again, but I carried on

  • Oh

  • Does not feel good make some eyes for my mom. This is dangerous stuff that we're doing and for something like that to happen

  • It's upsetting

  • Trying to get it out of your hand. Sorry

  • Are you doing you're

  • Beautiful. I try

  • I didn't realize why you wanted me to move on like no couldn't get any more in the way

  • I realized you were coming behind me

  • That's a deep you ran right into my catheter. You ripped my bicep. I got nut when I hit you. Oh, sorry, man

  • Sorry, buddy. He definitely pulled his bicep a little my hamstring and calf are all knotted up and bruised up. We're lucky

  • nobody got seriously hurt, but the winner is

  • The one with one bicep that was sneaky of him to grab the heavy one first everything good plan

  • He didn't even minted that was a great tattoo. And of course want to go the least distance with the heaviest on Ville, huh?

  • So I knew I forgot it first I go on the first log

  • Even with one arm the British man beats the Americans

  • So whoever did the last anvil tells me I was in here running into that thing. Yeah

  • You guys ready to get out of here

  • Just so you guys know I said it was the strongest man in the world not the fastest man in the world

  • Yeah

  • You

I can't lose an American Revolution challenge to a British guy


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史上最強の男。アンビル・リフト・チャレンジ(シーズン1)|歴史 (The Strongest Man in History: Anvil Lift Challenge (Season 1) | History)

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