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  • If you want to survive this,

  • we need to distance ourselves from Camila.

  • Let's wash our hands clean.

  • I know you know I'm right, Juan Felipe.

  • Mayor, what can you say about the calls

  • for charges to be filed against you as well

  • since you tried to help Camila dela Torre escape

  • after she killed Javier dela Cuesta?

  • Let us not jump into conclusions,

  • since the trail is still ongoing.

  • since the trail is still ongoing.

  • because Camila is my niece.

  • But yes, my family is important to me.

  • And I regret trying to help her escape.

  • What are you saying, Mayor?

  • Do you believe Camila is guilty?

  • The citizens of Las Espadas chose me to be their leader.

  • And when I assumed my position as mayor,

  • and became the father of this town,

  • I decided to prioritize my responsibilities as your leader

  • over my obligations to my family.

  • That's why I can assure you

  • no one from our camp will meddle with this case.

  • I will leave the decision to the court.

  • What if your niece is proven guilty?

  • Then we will accept the verdict.

  • There's nothing else we can do.

  • Kuya Javier could barely talk when I saw him.

  • All he could muster to say was...

  • ...he loved me.

  • That he loved me as a brother.

  • Until I saw his eyes.

  • He was looking at something.

  • He was pointing at someone and he looked so scared.

  • Who was he pointing at?

  • Who was he so afraid of?

  • Camila dela Torre.

  • But that doesn't mean she killed my brother.

  • That's all, your honor.

If you want to survive this,


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B1 中級

証人席にいるにもかかわらず、カミラをかばおうとするヴィト|TKB (字幕版) (Vito still tries to cover up for Camila despite being on the witness stand | TKB (With Eng Subs))

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