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  • (intense music)

  • - I've gotten several nicknames.

  • One of the biggest ones that stick out

  • in my mind was One Run Anderson.

  • I would run one time, and I'm gonna tell you right now,

  • you'd better have your cameras ready,

  • because it was gonna be one, big bad run.

  • I'm Dennis Anderson, and I'm the Original Grave Digger.

  • (engine rumbles) (light guitar music)

  • If you don't know what a monster truck is,

  • it's because you're a concrete-cruisin' city slicker.

  • The definition of a monster truck is

  • it has to have a 66-43 Terra tire,

  • meaning 66 inches tall, 43 inches wide,

  • and normally they are around 10 to 12 foot tall

  • and 12 foot wide, and they usually weigh

  • about 10 to 12 thousand pounds.

  • That's what a monster truck is.

  • My goal in life as a kid growing up

  • is I wanted to be this big farmer.

  • It never really was a goal in life

  • for me to be a pro Monster Jam truck driver.

  • - [Announcer] Dennis Anderson, and the Grave Digger!

  • - The whole legacy of Grave Digger,

  • this right here was the first stepping stone.

  • My goal in life as I was building this truck

  • was to have a big, nice shop with a concrete floor,

  • because I built this thing in a tin chicken house.

  • I call it my empire, and it's the Grave Digger

  • empire here, now up to nine Grave Diggers.

  • We've built 32 Grave Digger trucks in the last 34 years.

  • This is the dino room,

  • my most favorite place on the property.

  • 1500 horsepower, and we're gonna see a test pull right now.

  • (engine rumbles)

  • Yeah, baby!

  • (light ambient music)

  • Trust me, I have paid my dues all the way down the line.

  • I have fractured my back, I've broke my shoulder,

  • I've broke my ribs, I've broke my nose

  • a couple of times, I've broke my arms.

  • When you talk about living a dream,

  • that's this old guy right here.

  • I never have grown up, I still love toys,

  • and that's why Grave Digger is what it is today.

  • (light ambient music)

(intense music)


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GRAVE DIGGER:モンスタートラックの定義 (GRAVE DIGGER: The Definition of a Monster Truck)

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