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so unless you've been living under a
rock for the last year you know there's
a Hollywood live-action adaptation of
course Michelle in the work and on the
way that there are rumors going around
with scheme of things like the Akira is
literally happening like it so very soon
and it's very much a Western production
which has been the topic that has
surrounded every single drop of
coverages movies had so far
negative and positive compassionately
excited for the movie and very much
ready to ask for my opinion on it when
it comes out but i have a few problems
with the discussion around the film at
the moment it's really been building and
building with every wave of discourse
that comes into my supermedia feet every
time there's a new trailer or negative
news about the movie this discussion
always follows so recently I posted a
tweet or much for account highlighting
the magazine tall film and how they use
the caption the next-gen matrix when
discussing first in the shell which is
ironic because the matrix used to us
michelle has major influences and it's
nothing super crazy is like of research
on that point there was the response
that my tweet God for people who didn't
even follow me and where from completely
different circles of Twitter these are
some of the responses here the next
white washing mean rule from Hollywood
panty asian giving asian rules two-way
actors this is the discussion that has
been happening right from the start the
idea that we took should be played by an
Asian actor and subscribers around
shouldn't be allowed to play this role I
know this is just fucking stupid not
because I don't believe we're washing
exists or think it's not a bad thing
so what annoys me is that isn't relevant
with the Vols little cool and i'll
explain in a second
we're in this weird period where people
just love to snatch any possible hint of
politics and media and then they just
milk it for everything it's worth
feminism this or racism that is sooo
annoying when there's a little fall and
research behind those claims are in this
case and it's not just random ignorant
Twitter cancer spotting list it's
genuinely well-established personalities
immediate left there's a number of
reasons to why this is an absolute
bullsh argument one that should be taken
place on this scale for this movie so
let's start off by understanding what
material Kusanagi is a character
google has been portrayed several times
for that areas interation discussion
michelle from the original manga or
she's movies to stand alone complex to
the latest arrived series each having
their own different personalities that
goes Michelle is never adapted in the
traditional sense but reimagines or she
took it in a different direction with
the original movie so did come and stand
alone complex and then again with the
there's no rule that you have to follow
in a ghost in the shell production
stylistically or otherwise the same goes
for this live-action film there's no
obligation to do it one way or the other
that's what makes the franchise such an
interesting one but 40 these iterations
metropolis ethnicity and sexuality have
always been totally unambiguous it's one
of the most important aspects of her
character she decided was that her
humility removed and there's no
questioning exactly what she is your
ethnicity is ambiguous for a reason so
the idea that it should be one thing or
another is ridiculous
the whole point of her character is to
break down these kind of social
constructs and the question or idealisms
the ethnicity of her character is not
what's important and not what we're
talking about and neither is our
sexuality another stupid crisis and I've
seen a lot of people think that
sexualizing a character is automatically
a bad thing which is just not true her
under your sexuality and numbness to
being sexualize is for the same reason I
was her identity there to break down
preconceptions about a topic and then
explore how she approaches the topic
herself sexualizing her character is
important it needs to happen that isn't
sexist or anti-feminist of these idiots
have been sick this is just another
example of these people putting their
shape forced politics ahead of actual
the important thing to come from a
ticklish character is the set of
questions that remain when you remove
her humanity the idea that someone would
complain about the ethnicity of material
in this iteration of the franchise is
just ridiculous and it just remains the
years of hard work previous careers have
put into this franchise to make it one
of the most for provoking and exciting
set works in the media
let's talk about me to go on a purely
basis was even if these people haven't
watched the franchise enough to
understand that automatically can still
look at the design this there are
distinctly even characters and anomie
and material is not one of them
she's designed to be ambiguous at first
glance she could be British Japanese
French anything
the fact is she's a cyborg she doesn't
have a human body she has never in any
of the installments been designed with
an obvious ethnicity for reasons of
already explained forecasting scarlett
johansson is no less logical decision
than any other ethnicity
I'll even put some examples on the
screen from different mechanical designs
against the live-action version i mean
you have to be pulling it fraud to see
Scarlett Johansson's doesn't look great
for the role on a purely aesthetic level
no valid criticism would be the acting
ability of scarlett johansson maybe
we'll see she's not reactor for the role
and that would be a fair assumption that
we don't yet know what kind of person
she's gonna adopt in the movie but if
you don't think are acting spell is
right for a metrical them that's
perfectly valid criticism I personally
enjoyed her performances with what I've
seen with more exciting lost in
translation or under the skin
I think she's a really skilled actress
but she has been some more commercial
work with the Avengers are just doing
utilize your abilities and end up coming
off a bit lines because go either way at
this point i personally think she's fine
choice from a typical if you're aware of
the actual hard truth reasoning behind
why she's in the role it's not like
exciting and Max Landis screenwriter
industry has already done a whole video
explaining why he does a fantastic job
of doing so it's essentially money
the movie is taking a lot of money to
make people want to make money from the
movie actors like johansson bring in a
lot of money while others your formula
is your reason for why Scarlett
Johansson's cap it's not because of a
racist agenda or bias towards way actors
that simply that she brings in the money
needed for this project
there just aren't many actors school
stop that would suit this rule and bring
in the kind of money that's needed
there isn't this underlying fantasy
narrative over racism and white washing
it's much more cut-and-dry than I
definitely recommend watching my clan
this video if you want to know more
about that specifically so not only is
materials ethnicity not relevant
automatically but it's not an issue
industry wise that's just how it is at
the moment people live in this weird
fantasy world on Twitter and social
or just the Internet in general where
everything is run by this underlying
stream of politics and feminism and
equality not everything has ulterior
political Morton really most of the time
it's just not that complicated for these
shitty news articles and Twitter
accounts just have to give everything a
political clips and it really sucks when
it's justified then school I hate seeing
force politics been pasted over
everything that moves these days it's
not interesting and it's not progressive
was just shaped so if you're one of
those people constantly complaining
about the particulars ethnicity or the
fact that you can see here are just fuck
off somewhere else please if I could
send one message from this video it
would be pleased pleased for his on the
movie not the make-believe politics that
surround it
we have wanted to make this video for
awhile know all this rubbish it really
annoys me and it detract from the
discussions are meant to come from a
movie like this always there watching
stuff in a huge topic that is real and
it's not made up but it doesn't have to
be pieces everywhere and it's not the
motive behind every single decision and
Hollywood or on the internet and but for
now thank you very much for watching
this video as it sounds it's something I
really wanted to i made a bunch of video
is actually discussing ghost in the
shell and many different forms and many
of the different iterations of the
franchise if you want to check them out
click on the screen if you want to watch
something completely different for my
channel you do that to unscrews thanks
for watching


Shut Up About 'Whitewashing' in Ghost in the Shell 2017

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