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Art History is divided into periods and movements. The difference between the two is time and intent.
Art periods are based on historical eras and, unlike art movements they are
consciously formed by artists. Art historians group their art together because
they are made in the same time and the same geographical location, so they share a lot of similarities in their
cultures, religions and tastes in art subjects.
For example, Medieval art is made during the medieval times so right after
fall of Rome and before the Renaissance. Pretty straight forward right?
So there is the prehistorical period, Mesopotamian period, Egyptian period, Byzantine period,
renaissance period, baroque period, and that is just a few of them.
An art movement is formed by a group of artists, usually with a set goal,
and they can have an associated art style or a shared ideology.
They usually have meetings, manifestos, and publications that clearly state their goals.
Basically what they think art should be.
Some art movements include realism, Impressionism, Expressionism, cubism, surrealism, and pop art.
The line between periods and movements are not always clear, But while periods were designated
after the fact, Movements were formed by artists. They may have not called themselves that
like the Mannerists did not call themselves Mannerists
they had a same set of goal and ideology that they aspire to.
That set them apart from any church or states regulation of what good art is.
Art made today is sort of grouped under this large umbrella of contemporary art. But maybe in the
future they will have more descriptive names than just contemporary.
Because I can see that being really confusing.
And if you have no idea what I am talking about,
Now is perfect time for me to transition into my outro, and prompt you to go watch my
What is the difference between modern and contemporary art video
In it, I go over modern art, post-modern art, anti-modern art, and contemporary art.
If you want to keep learning more about periods and movements, head on over to my blog post on LittleArtTalks.com
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Art Periods and Art Movements | LittleArtTalks

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